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If you weren’t aware, this Friday’s date is 11/11/11!

It is viewed as an auspicious date for many because of its numerological significance.

Many people are honouring this day in different ways, some with gatherings and ceremonies, and in particular, with meditations at 11:11 am and/or 1:11 or 11:11 pm.

This in itself creates a pool of collective energy and stream of consciousness, in addition to the energies occuring on this day, which can be added to with your love and positive intentions for a brighter world for yourself and the planet.

For this reason you might want to put some time aside for meditation this Friday, where you can be still and connect to the energies, allowing that which is in your highest to occur.

We are rarely conscious of what is going on in the grander scheme of the cosmos and the divine plan, either for our personal souls or humanity at large.  Having humility and openness to transitions and the universal dance that may be occurring on other levels can be valuable.

Two years ago there was another 11/11/11 (11th Nov. 2009 – the 2009 adding up to 11). On this date I experienced a vision in meditation very tangibly and a portal of energy opening. I was in Bimini at the time, and without sharing the specifics of the vision, the summary of what I was guided to work with was “balancing masculine and feminine polarities”.

What is interesting is, just before writing this post I researched the numerological meaning of 11. I usually prefer to just tune into the energies, but I was intrigued by some of what I read:

“The 11 carries a vibrational frequency of balance. It represents male & female equality. It contains sun and moon both – while holding them both separate.”

This very much fits with my experience on 11/11/2009. I read this at the webpage below that looks at the spiritual significance of the number 11 with additional insights:

I quite resonated with the words here, but do your own research and explorations, of course.

What is quite remarkable is that during this time in Bimini, a wonderful lady where I was staying, who had recently begun painting visions, was inspired to paint a half sun, half moon face at the time of this 11-11-2009, which so marries with the words above: “It contains sun and moon both”/masculine and feminine energies.

I took a photo of this painting at the time which I share below:


I like to think of this day as a portal for greater love, harmony, union, and loving manifestations.

Tomorrow’s 11/11/11 can be about so much more than any linear definitions, and certainly anything I’ve shared here, of course.

I would suggest not getting caught up in interpretations and more allow the energies of the day to be experienced by putting some time aside for quiet and meditation.

There can be layers and levels at times like this beyond conscious awareness and explanations.

I’ve outlined a meditation further below as an example you might wish to explore if you feel so called.  Please note: this is simply a suggestion – only follow it if it resonates.

You may have a preferred or particular meditation practise that you enjoy or wish to do. You might also just wish to sit in quiet and stillness, open to the presence of the moment, and then seed some intentions.

Alternatively, if you want a guided meditation to do on this day that you can listen to, you can do the “World Healing Meditation”, which is a love meditation for seeding highest wishes and intentions for yourself/others/the world.

This is available as a streamed audio recording at: www.WorldHealingMeditation.com

Meditation ­­­Outline

Below is just an example meditation you might like to use to create the space for integrating the energies on 11/11/11, and seeding positive dreams and intentions.

Before doing the meditation below, take some time to write down your goals and wishes. Relax, clear your mind, connect to your heart, and write down positive intentions and dreams that you are working on, and positive wishes for yourself and the world.

Note: you will be aiming to recall these in the meditation so if the list is very long, that’s fine but you may just not remember them all!

Meditation Steps

1. Ensure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed and can fully relax (and turn off your phone, etc.).

Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax and come-at-ease. Take a few deep breaths as you release any tension and anxiety and settle into a peaceful calm state.

2. Ground yourself by sensing the weight of your body on the cushion, floor or chair, and connecting to the core of the earth by imagining a line of energy/light descending from the base of your spine to the centre of the earth.

3. Set your intention for the meditation by asking to receive “the highest, purest and finest frequencies of love and light that are appropriate for me to receive at this time”, or “that which is appropriate for me to receive at this time”, or whatever words feel right and true to you.

4. Imagine a ball or point of bright light 1-3 feet above your head. Allow this light to become brighter and more radiant. Sense the love and beauty that permeates every particle of this divine light.

5. Visualize a ray of light descending from this dazzling sphere of loving light, flowing into you through the crown of your head.

6.  Imagine this beautiful light continuing to flow down through your body, as well as down your arms and legs, bathing your entire being in a beautiful celestial light.

7.  Imagine this light continuing to flow down into the earth beneath you, through your feet as well as down through the imaginary cord descending out of the base of your spine that you visualised earlier, all the way to the centre of the earth.

8.  Sense this light continuing to gently flow from above you, through you, and down into the earth beneath you like a stream of loving healing light. You might also imagine this light spilling out of your heart and/or out of the top of your head into your surrounding energy field and reality.

9.  Now and ask to receive that which is appropriate for you at this time and the positive energies that are occurring on this 11/11/11 day. Be open to allow any subtle shifts that want to occur.
Ask to receive that which is in your highest and in accordance with divine will and all that is good and true.

Spend some time to just be still and quiet, allowing yourself to be imbued and receive that which wants to be given from the universe, the earth, celestial realms, your higher self, guides and spiritual allies, whether you are consciously aware of their presence or not.

11.  Next, seed your wishes and intentions.

Having written them down initially for clarity as suggested you do before beginning this meditation, you can now recall these dreams and goals during the meditation, feeling your positive desire and choice for each one, and adding your love, vision and enthusiasm, perhaps visualising their positive outcome in your world and sensing this emotionally.

Relish in this positive experience as you dream your dreams with the high beautiful energies you have been receiving.

12.  At the end of the meditation imagine any light flowing through you to gently diminish, so the stream becomes more of a trickle or line of light, as you focus again on your grounding and the weight of your body against the chair or cushion. Take a few deep breaths, affirm your desire to be fully awake and alert, and open your eyes.

You might want to have a glass of water to help to ground further, and write down any experiences or insights that came during the meditation.

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  • Judy Helm Wright

    Hello from beautiful Montana,

    Thank you for this beautiful post. It inspired me to write some more meditations I have been thinking of.

    Judy Helm Wright

  • sarah mckenzie

    Bimini is on of the islands of my country
    there must be significient energy there . this island
    have been mentioned quite a lot.interesting

  • PetAR

    Thank you from the Promised land of BulgARIA – the birthplace of Radomir (life in joy and peace)=Jesus Christ.
    God bless all!

    Love and Harmony

  • Jan

    Thank you for your lovely post – It is a lovely meditation and I plan on using it often.
    Love and blessings,

  • Louise Buckley

    Beautiful meditation – I hope to use it today at either 11am or 11pm tonight, depending on when I can have peaceful and quite time. Thank you with Love.PS: This email comes from the North Shore, Auckland, NewZealand and it is already 11/11/11 here.

  • Sibonginkhosi

    Thank for the inspiration and hope.

  • emelita nine de vera

    Thanks for sharing the essence of 11.11.11 and from now an advanced gratitude to our beloved Highself for the good health , blessings received financially and spiritually. Again, thanks.

  • Lorraine from NZ

    Thankyou, Love and Peace to you and the world THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL MEDITATION – try it now, it works.

  • Nadia

    Thank you for the message and the Meditation you advise to do.I will definetely try it.God bless you

  • Caroline

    Tomorrow is Armistice day here in the United kingdom, and I shall be gathering tomorrow in Milton Keynes to remember the wonderful mem and women who lost their lives through war. At 11:11 I shall definitely be praying for peace, and I shall be remembering the young men who lost their lives when the Mill Hill Braracks were blown up!

  • antonio

    eleven is the number of love people…nothing wrong with it

  • Rev. Allorrah Be

    Many Blessings in the Light!

    Rev. Allorrah Be
    Circles of Light Ministries
    Sebastopol, California
    United States of America

  • Bobina C Igbo

    Thank you so much for sharing this meditation on november 11 11 11, may the good God grant you , your own heart desire Amen, i am very grateful thanks!

  • Adele

    Thank you Aine, a very beautiful and powerful meditation. Took me on a voyage and brought me back safely. I shall be using this tomorrow to bring more love and peace into the world. With love through Christ

  • Mark

    I don’t know anything about numerology, but when I see these numbers it makes me think of alignment. Alignment of self. Which your meditation sounds like it does. I’ll try it!

  • Daniela

    Hi my Angel, I have been turning to the Universe so often lately, and I am very happy with the outcome. I am going to meditate tomorrow and manifest my deepest wishes again. Thank you, Daniela


    I was born on the 11th November 1947, so my year of birth 47 also adds up to 11.

  • breege

    Thank you Aine, for a beautiful meditation.

  • Diamonddille

    Being born on 11/1/51 I have heard all kinds of wonderful Spiritual Significance of 11.
    Google me and you will see I have a lot to say on Spiritual Matters as I am very Spiritual.

    As we are Natively SPIRITUAL BEINGS, our basic Nature is to CREATE.
    Discovering who we really are releases those Spiritual Abilities and Powers and one can see, that what we Consider IS or BECOMES. We cause our life…
    We can BUY others’ considerations or we can see our own by discovering who we really are…

  • Pete O'Donnell

    the perfect way to spend the 11th hour,during the 11th day, on the 11th month in the year 2011.



  • Sandra Le De La Cruz

    Love and Peace to you and the world.I will Manifest my
    own hearts desire on this day ask the Universe.
    ONE LOVE,Sandra from San Antonio,Tx

  • agnoi

    Read this then Looked at the clock 11.11. Blessings !

  • Julie

    Hello Aine. Just want to share what happened JUST BEFORE I read this. Today is the day of my Mums funeral, 15 years ago, which commenced at 11am. I watched ‘Annie’ singing, TOMORROW TOMORROW, I’LL lOVE YA TOMORROW…. on the Morning Show, here in Australia. My Mum used to sing this to my Sons when they were little. They are now 24 and 19. I sat on the lounge crying and I then wrapped both of my arms around myself, and felt that they were my Mums arms. Which calmed me somewhat. My 19 came out of his room ( after being in an angry mood) and said…” Mum, I just found what I have been looking for all morning, how Spiritual is THAT!” I then came back to the computer, to read your email. YES what an AMAZING day this is going to be. Thank you Ainie and many blessings to ALL xxx

  • Lucas


    I am a Kiwi jealous that they are the first to see the light of day! Because I am in Atlanta, Georgia. The home of Coca-Cola, Martin Luther King and Operation HOPE the most important thing is to live your life with dignity!

    Let your light Shine
    With a PASSION

  • Chris

    The Power of Love
    Love: Love is the Greatest thing there is in this universe. The Universe is built of Love. We are created through Love. The touch of Love makes us glow. Love makes us sick, Love makes us Happy. People kill for Love and People die for Love. Those people without love is lost in this world. love is our destiny from beginning to end.Love is all around us in nature in the plants and the trees in the food we eat.Our universe survives with Love and through Love.Without Love there is no existence and our universe and beautiful world will be no more.Lets join hands through our thoughts in prayer to keep the Love growing beyond our time and for the existence of the future generation beyond our comprehension.So beautiful people lets us give our Love Thanks to mother Earth and the Moon and Sun at this special hour in this special day and enjoy this moment in time as it will not be repeated for us in this life span. So lets Embrace the power of Love and peace. Blessings, Love and Light to You All.xxxxx

  • Brij Puri

    Thk. you so much for sharing your insight & all the facinating info.

  • claire

    thankyou, reading all these heartfelt comments from england tonight, i feel part of a very loving community of lightworkers. the more we collaborate around the world, the greater the assistance we will be able to give to mother earth and her suffering children. exciting timesxx

  • Rosalyn Carter

    Thank you so much! I love this post and will be using it tomorrow.
    Many Blessings,

  • Ashlyn L. K.

    Thankyou so much for this beautiful way to Meditate! I am a very spiritual person and will be setting an hour at least to try this! I willl be curious to see the great amount of energy I receiv because my house number is 1111 and this an this would be a great healing for me in a great time of need!!! May you be blessed with the best of then and God be with you!xo

  • Tony Rabon

    Greetings from Guam, USA!
    Thank you for the wonderfully written 11/11/11 article. It is now November 11, 2011 on Guam, “Where America’s Day Begins!” May all the goodness and peace attributed to this day be with you now and forever. Like Bimini, the Marianas also hold many positive significant energy as exemplified by its the people. The meditation was very refreshing and it is my hope that all who read this article practice this meditation as frequent as possible as well as share it with others.

  • SoraiGuy

    I didn’t change my life!! HAHAHAHA

  • Ivan

    Thank you for helping me alline my thoughts, my plans, goals and hopes to paper so that I can be ready for spirits. I plan to connect with a number of my coleges who will be in TITICACA, Peru and another group on Machu Piccu. Looking to spread the LOVE all over the world. Love, Grace and Graditute. Ivan

  • munawar

    Thanku for the lovely, inspiring andfull of hopes post and meditation. love to u and all the readers of the post.love to all the living creatures of the planet. the comments are from the land of hospitality and love, KPK PAKISTAN

  • Embrio

    Thank for the post,that’s very good idea of self purification.

    Have an amazing week;
    All the best,Leo

  • Corey Lim

    I just love and excited to practice I am a regular meditator and very timely you remind me thank you so much you are medium from my Angel. Love and and Peace to All.

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