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By Aine Belton

One mistake many people make when they first hear about the Law of Attraction (i.e. that their thoughts and feelings create their reality), is to start judging, repressing, or denying negative feelings out of a fear of the negative consequences they may attract.

‘Bad’ feelings are not ‘wrong’. Furthermore, what we resist persists. Pretending you don’t have feelings or numbing them out doesn’t make them go away.

Negative emotions can be helpful guides to what’s going on inside – the limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories that may not be serving you and standing in the way of the dreams you wish to manifest.

Painful or uncomfortable feelings can illuminate un-serving thoughts and attitudes, unhealed aspects within, and hidden agendas.

Many termed ‘negative’ emotions can also serve a positive function. Grieving, for example, is a natural process that may involve the experience of pain yet ultimately lead to healing. Fear’s function is to signal when to protect yourself from potential harm. Even anger if acknowledged and expressed cleanly can at times be productive – a catalyst for change, awareness of what you don’t want, or assertion of respect, for example.

Feelings are a natural part of the human experience. It is when feelings are repressed that they become problematic, toxic, and leak into your world affecting your reality in not so pleasant ways. They may come out ‘sideways’ as projection, passive-aggression, or sabotage, for example.

This is why honoring, accepting and letting your emotions be felt is important, and part of developing an intimate loving relationship with yourself. By this I don’t mean wallowing in them inappropriately, however, as I will explain (i.e. nip that self-pity in the bud!).

Emotions are supposed to MOVE (e-motion). When they are controlled, stifled and stuffed down, they can putrefy or stagnate, and like layers of dense energy can block light and the higher frequency energies of your true nature the bright positive feelings of your essential self – the love, happiness and joy that you ARE!

Repressed emotions inhibit vitality, authenticity, spontaneity and flow. They can lead to depression, addictions, mental and emotional imbalance and ill health. When you accept and honour your feelings, rather than fear, judge, or deny them, they can more naturally be expressed, released and move through you.

What you accept, you more easily let go of and release.

“Acceptance heals hurt. It heals the resistance that causes or exacerbates the pain. When you accept, it allows you to move forward in the flow, because what you accept, you naturally let go of.”
~ Chuck Spezzano

Let your emotions breathe, whether that be to laugh, or be to grieve.”

With traumatic painful life experiences, there may at times be a level of safety in repressing emotions as a means to survive an experience and not be overwhelmed by terror/pain/despair/horror, for example.

In some cases feeling all your feelings at once may not be appropriate or in your best interest, and for this reason they may be stored in your unconscious until times when you are better equipped to deal with and process them. It is at these times that they may be triggered by an external person or event to be released, which can be seen as an opportunity for the wound or pattern beneath to be healed.

Placing a lid on emotions, whilst understandable if they are painful, is in general not serving, however, and can simultaneously block out the positive feelings that make life so worthwhile.

When you shut down to avoid painful feelings, you shut out the light feelings too! Give yourself permission to feel.”

There are many techniques these days for releasing emotions, everything from writing them down, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the Sedona Method, the Release Technique, the ZPoint Process, NLP, acupuncture, expressing them through creativity, energy healing (such as Reiki), communicating them to a friend or loved one, flower essences, and many others.

Unsurprisingly, and yet so often avoided, feeling your feelings is a fast and effective way to release them.

I share a step-by-step Releasing Emotions process to help with this in Part 2 of this series shortly.

This doesn’t mean indulging in them or giving them undue attention if they do not serve you. More, it enables them to move through you and be expressed. It takes greater energy to stuff emotions down than to experience them. Furthermore, denied and repressed emotions don’t go away, and can require numbing and distraction (through drugs, alcohol and addictions, for example).

Acknowledging, accepting and feeling an emotion will enable its release. Forgiveness, of self and others, can also liberate whole clusters of negative emotions.

Experiencing your emotions can at times feel like you’re walking into a fire – consider it a fire of purification and one that will set you free.

It may seem to get dark, and feelings more challenging initially, yet there will always be a clearing and breakthrough to light at the end of the tunnel.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn.” ~Proverb

As you release denser energies and emotions, space is created for brighter energies to flow through you and be received – more of the love, light, and joy that you are.

It is sometimes through the dark that you find and connect to the love and light within and the eternal truth that you are loved, loving and loveable, ever and always.

The deepest truth, I believe, is that only love is real.


I will be covering a Releasing Emotions process, as well as how to harness emotions for manifesting success in the next part of this series.

Love and blessings,

Aine Belton

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  • Jomo

    Beautifully written article, thank you 🙂 <3

  • nargislatif

    beautifully explained,i really enjoyed it touched my heart.thank you

  • Daniela

    It is amazing 🙂 Thank you, very helpful for me and my husband as well.

  • Tanya

    I really appreciated my emotions,considering them a blessing from heaven! Thanks a lot for the article!

  • sundari

    very nice article.Right now while i was reading this article i was disturbed and trying to move away or rather say controlling them but after accepting it i feel deeply relaxed.

  • marlien

    Thank you so much Aine. It was like hearing the answers to my questions when I woke up this morning.

  • Savithri

    My Dear Aine,

    Beautiful presentation. You are Pure Love and you mean it. There is only one Truth in this world and it is Purest Unconditional Love which flows anywhere any time with no concerns !

    Thank you Aine,


  • jawed

    Hi Aine,
    Thank you I love your e-mail & trying to my habit.attitude from your kind advice

  • Dessie

    You have always been a blessing to others with your insightful writing and profound videos. Thank you ever so much. The fire leave nothing but our highest essence, so we must we;come, and surrender to what is in order to reach a greater level.

  • Mark

    Thank you Aine. I always look forward to your wrightings
    I pray that you are safe in London.God Bless

  • Harryj

    I AM. And I am grateful for your influence. This e-motion-aly-charged presentation is greatness unfolding, greatness appreciating. Thank you,

  • Audrey

    This is a wonderful article…can’t wait for part 2!
    Thank you!

  • emily

    Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful consolation.

    Keep up the good work!

    God bless!

  • Tomas

    All those comments speak for themselves. Difficult to anything that was not said.
    True, A-Z 🙂 I just very recently started listen and feel and experience my emotions instead of fighting them down, mainly the negative one 🙂
    Now I learned to let them flow and observe where they are and how they feel 🙂 and let them go.

    Physically we need breath and water to live but spiritually there is no live without love.

  • Annette

    Wow Thank you it helps a lot. Just surrender.

  • Faith

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Avi

    Thanks a lot
    it came right on time
    great article on emotions
    and the video is so inspiring to me
    the way the teacher describes the surrendering
    process, awesome.

  • Monee


  • Elaine

    You have answered my prayer, i was in the middle of ego control and pride and the pain was like my head was going to come off, then i came accross this video. “My answer! Thank you so much let me now go and do whats right in love.

    Thank you

  • prateek

    Thank you so much Aine!! That was so useful to understand coz presently i too was suffering from such blockages..

  • Maree

    You say: “Acknowledging, accepting and feeling an emotion will enable its release. Forgiveness, of self and others, can also liberate whole clusters of negative emotions.”

    I am constantly “feeling” and experiencing my negative emotions, in particular guilt, but they do not go away, they just hang around to be reawakened when another trigger shows up to remind me, why I should feel guilty, inferior whatever

  • Reply

    Hi there, I found your blog by way of Google while looking for a comparable matter, your site came up, it appears good. I’ve added to favourites|added to my bookmarks.

  • Graham Hornsby

    Thank you.Perfect timing.Gratitude.

  • mark

    set the self image on fire, build another from the ashes or sow the seed and tend it. lol sounds like …

  • mark


  • Romeo cyril

    Aine: Great article, read it before, but today it became a revelation. My emotions have been speaking to me all along & now i am listening, feeling, adjusting. Thank you so much 4 sharing your wonderful gift.

    One more, thing, video of some of your teachings?


    Love & Light:)

  • elmiro anselmo dos santos

    Once again, thank you for sharing that wonderful article and this interesting video.

  • angel


  • suzie

    very great thoughts..and insightful..i loved it 🙂

  • Matthew Francis

    Hello I just read your article and was quite intrigued with some of the facts you brought arcoss.

    Could I perhaps get an email from you. (Would want to futher personally correspond with you, as the bulk of my comment is quite,… personal)

  • Linda

    Thank you for this… it really helped me at this time, i just broke up with my bf and have alot of emotions, i’m just letting them play out, and realizing it’s best, cuz we break up alot and atleast i’m not running back to him !

  • Martin ÈRic

    Thanks! No words.

  • gift information

    Its such as you learn my mind! You appear to grasp a lot about this, such as you wrote the e book in it or something. I think that you can do with some p.c. to drive the message house a bit, however other than that, that is great blog. A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

  • Giri Dhari Devkota

    Very Dear Onya !
    Recived Your Email read it and it’s contains,saw and hear the Video too.It is very nice to read,to see and to hear.
    Jesus said to Us:I am the Way,the Truth and the Life:
    no man cometh unto the Father,but by me.
    According to the Bible:All Things are Possible if We
    believe in Juses but with out any Doubts.
    More next Time.


  • Manuel Garcia

    Hi Aine
    This was so beautiful to read and have
    Blessed me so very much!
    Thank you .I appreciate you.

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