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Awakening to the awareness that you create your reality – with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and decisions – is both thrilling and liberating.

How utterly WONDER-full is it that you are shaping your experience in every moment, from the inside out?

As quantum science now proves, everything is energy, including you! It is your thoughts, feelings, desires and imagination that fuel and determine what manifests in your world from an infinite field of potential.

And it gets even more magical!

Whilst I could go into detail about the magic of manifestation, I want to explore something else in this article, a higher gear if you like.

There is a level of manifestation BEYOND conscious creation, and that is the grace of co-creation!

In my personal life it is this ‘dance with the universe’ that not only leads to the greatest rewards in terms of results achieved, and often far beyond my conscious anticipations, but makes the journey of life itself so much more fun, love-filed, blessed and magical!

You are not alone on your journey. You are loved guided and supported every step of the way, whether you realize that or not, and you can open to receive more of that grace, guidance and love from the universe.

There is a ‘bigger picture’ outside of the view-points of your conditioned personality self that you may not always be aware of; soul-level perspectives that know the optimum choices for your life that most reflect your gifts, potential, and purpose.

Your Higher Self, the spiritual being that you really are, and the unconditionally boundless loving source of creation, knows what will most serve you more than you do, and is aware of the countless possibilities available for your growth and success.

You live in a loving universe. All of the forces are here to give you assistance, to give you support.” ~ Emmanuel

You have free will and you can craft your life any way you choose in accordance with your desires. You both consciously and unconsciously create the world around you, yet you are not alone in the process.

You are a co-creator with the source of life, whatever name you hold for that, that ever conspires in your favour to assist in manifesting a life of highest potential.

One way to allow in and receive more of that ‘assistance’ is through owning more of your inherent value and worth, and the truth that you are loved, loving and loveable, ever and always.

Self-love and self-acceptance are pivotal, as is letting go of what you’re not, to reveal more of who you are.

As you accept yourself as you are, you more easily let go of what you’re not.”

When you open to the grace, flow, blessings and abundance that are the natural rhythm and nature of life and the universe, manifestation can reach a whole other level. Synchronicities abound, success becomes blessed and magical, and opportunities expand.

You likely have goals, yet there is a higher dream that is possibly above and beyond the confines of your conscious imaginings, and likely more aligned with your heart and soul. Co-creation allows more of this grander truer dream to manifest

How do you engage co-creation? By asking and allowing, by choosing and receiving, by being open to and trusting in its workings, being sensitive to your intuition and pointers, and open to visions and inspirations that make your heart soar.

Seed your intentions with your desire (your desire is the way you ‘ask’ the universe for what you want), and be open and willing to receive their fruits in your world, with humility about the exact form those manifestations may take to allow the possibility of something beyond what you presently conceive, or more soul-rewarding.

Your reality is a reflection and extension of the entirety of your mind, a hologram of your consciousness. It is also a platform and gateway with which the universe can communicate with you via signs, signals and ‘whispers’ in your day-to-day life that serve as pointers and nudges to guide and assist you on your path.

The more you recognise that you are eternally connected to an all-loving infinitely abundant source, the more you will allow in the gifts and synchronicities that require only a willingness and openness to receive.

Receiving is so often the missing ingredient to success. Any blocks to receiving are blocks to the realities you desire. Practise receiving in all areas of your life, whether it’s compliments, gifts, the experience of another, the beauty of nature. When you appreciate something and are grateful for it, you allow it in, you receive it.

Receiving creates a gateway through which the universe can bring gifts into your life. It enables the magic of co-creation and the serendipitous possibilities beyond the limits of your imaginings. The more you allow yourself to receive, the more elegant, swift and bountiful your attraction becomes.

Receiving is often regarded as something you do in response to a gift, yet developing the willingness and ability to receive in and of itself creates those very gifts appearing in your reality. As the saying goes, when the receiver is ready the gift appears. The universe is an oasis of dreams-come-true waiting to happen!

All you desire is yours to receive.

Note: You can receive a free ebook “The Magic of Receiving” as part of the free ‘Love Pack’ at this gifts page of this website.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/gifts

I emphasize receiving here as it is more often ignored in the give-receive cycle. The value of giving is far more recognized than that of receiving. They are intrinsically linked and each opens you to the other. The more you give, the more you receive, and the more you receive (from yourself, the universe or others) the more you are able to give.

Practice receiving in your day to day life. Notice when someone pays you a complement and observe how you react. Do you let it in? Or do you try to deflect, deny or resist it?

When you receive good news, a success or the manifestation of something you desire, acknowledge it, for you have received!”

Get in touch with what it feels like to receive. Cultivate it, practice it. Get acquainted and familiarize yourself with the energy of receiving. Affirm your openness and willingness to receive.

Receiving is one of the most powerful and elegant ways you can allow in the grace of co-creation. By allowing yourself to receive you can allow in the love, blessings and successes the universe wishes to bestow upon you every step of your journey.

Be aware of any negative associations you may have around receiving. Perhaps you believe receiving is selfish, feel you do not deserve to receive, or if you are a man feel that receiving is something more for women. Perhaps you feel receiving would put you in a vulnerable position and hence fear it, or you fear losing a sense of control.

Acknowledge and be grateful for all that you love already in your reality and that gratitude will open to receive more of ANYTHING in general, as well as more of the same into your life. As you open to receive the gifts and bounty that are already in your life, you will become more open to receive new gifts, love and successes.

Make loving yourself a priority. The more you love and value yourself, the more you will allow yourself to receive brighter more loving realities into your life.

Doing your bit!

Obviously you want to do your bit to assist the manifestation process, namely take action, visualise your dreams, choose and foster positive beliefs, thoughts and feelings, love yourself and your reality, (as well as feel gratitude, forgive yourself and others to allow greater love, etc.).

I explore more on what you can do to assist the co-creative process in my follow up article coming next with specific steps.

To allow success to be more effortless through co-creation, begin with an awareness that you are not alone, that you are loved and guided and supported, and communications are being offered to you through your intuition, synchronicities and pointers in your outer life.

Release beliefs around life being a struggle, “No pain, no gain”, “Life is hard” mentality, etc., and any false nobility you may associate with struggle.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, step onto the soft grass.”

There are a number of ways you can PROACTIVELY aid the co-creation process for manifesting your highest dreams I explore in my follow-up article “5 keys to catalyse co-creation!” coming next.

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  • Simon

    This is really AWAKENING! I feel totally lifted after reading that. I also feel a sense of loving presence around me. Thank you for the reminder of the love and support that’s available.

    Much gratitude,


  • PFL

    This article is a wonderful gift! Thank-you for kindly sharing and wishing all of us well. May your generosity be returned in Miracles of Blessings as well.


  • Terri

    I wish I had known all this decades ago, but perhaps, I was not ready to full embrace the concept.

    I AM GRATEFUL that I am able to grasp it now and still young enough to enjoy what this universe provides and teach it to my son.

    Thank you!!


    This article is some thing I knew before but it is always really nice to read it again again and again.

    All my blessing to all.

  • yuksel

    I am not alone on my journey. Self-love and self-acceptance are pivotal. Thank you, thank you.

  • Cyndi Davisa

    Thank you so much such beautiful words and reminders, you are a true inspiration.

  • Jeanne

    Your article is right on.
    I have been seriously ill and received an out pouring of love that seems almost unbelievable. It has had great healing power.
    Your message of love is a good reminder.

  • Susan

    Thank you! It seems my biggest struggle is with loving myself. This is very eye-opening and helpful. Thank you!


  • mou

    Thank-you for this article.I completely agree to and have faith in what you say.I have visualized and prayed for certain things and to my great surprise my prayers got answered a few days later. I am so grateful.

  • yusuf

    wonderful information.Thank you

  • Mic

    So beautifully expressed, as I read this I felt my heart opening, as I embody this truth.

  • Ken

    Thank You Aine,like the words in your article
    “All you desire is yours to recive”
    I was taught from a child its the done thing to give
    than to recive.I will need to read your article several times to fully understand.
    Love the words and the content.
    Thank You

  • Irina

    Thank you very much for such a simple and detailed way of explaining! Love and Light! Irina

  • Thomas Sakshaug

    That is what I call true love! :)

  • leda

    I would like to know how to manifest and it seems to me that it is easy but I dont know what I do wrong not to make it work for me as easy as it sounds, thank you for the article and maybe I can learn from what you have addressed within the article something stands out that would unblock me from manifesting.

    Thank you

  • Carol Mothersill

    Aine, thank you for this beautifully written article! I love it and I also feel and embrace the love. I am always looking for things that make me feel good and this is one of the things that did so for me today. I appreciate you!



  • Alveta

    I am so very grateful to receive this today. I am grateful to know that we are always surrounded by the present of love, light and energy from the universe. Thank you, and may you be even more blessed for your givings.

  • Dr. Boonlert Saisanit, Ph.D.

    Dear Aine Belton,

    Thank you so much for your Message of Love, it really touches my heart. I would like to see you and talk with you and learn from you. If you have a chance to visit Bangkok, Thailand – Call me 089-689-7287 I would like to entertain you with Thai delicious food somewhere in Bangkok. With Love, Dr. Boonlert Saisanit

  • vernice

    Thank you and i am grateful for this. Explaining it in a way for me to understand.

  • Daniela

    Thank you my Angel:), It is a wonderful awakening for me. Thank you :)))

  • naza

    I always like your articles. It or rather you make up my days …
    Thank you so much.

  • Sandra

    Thank you for this article. I will be more aware of how I maybe denying a compliment. Can you explain how to “ask”? I mentioned that the how is important to receiving what you desire.

  • Socrates Diputado



    This is so Great and Wonderful. Allow me therefore to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for the changes you have done in my life through readings of your messages of LOVE.

    I’m so Grateful for you always.

    Best regards,

    Socrates D.

  • Mel

    Thankyou Aine – for your teaching – and for who you are!

    With love.

  • Barb

    Bless you Aine for starting this ripple of love, lighting up every one it touches, I have a feeling it doesn’t stop there…and most certainly comes back to you even brighter!

    -just for today I am enough-

    Big Hug,

  • Doris

    You have truly made my day! Thank you for this uplifting teaching of manifestation. Awareness of who you are is a true blessing!

    Much love to you!

  • Loren

    Thrilling and liberating indeed :) Thank you Aine!

  • mohini

    Thanks for reminding me that self love and acceptance is crucial to being happy and inviting blessing into your life. A simple message but so very true.
    Thanks for your love.

  • Kamal

    Thanks Aine to make us aware and opening our eye. It is wonderful to know that GOD is always with us and supporting us to fulfill our desires.
    I will look forward for your wonderful articles, just by reading we connect back to our spiritual self. Many thanks.

  • molly

    The article was a eye opener.Ever since i was a child i was taught the importance of giving and to shun receiving.With the result i never ever agreed to receive gifts from anyone,even though i will receive compliments gracefully.Then i passed on the same fundas to my elder son who also became a giver and would not accept & expect others to return any favour.

    Thank you for the guidance i m gonna follow it and also will forward the same to my son.

    God Bless.

  • Liz Martin Ireland

    Oh I feel all warm inside and can see a bright light surrounding my dreams and successes. I loved this article and it has given me great belief and energy to continue moving forward with my new career.
    Thank you for sharing this with us. :)

  • Martin Brofman

    Any comments on the aspect of co-creation that has to do with interactions with other creators, and seeing physical reality as a co-creation of the points of consciousness involved in the events created?

  • t

    Lieve Aine I realised that whenever I recieved even a compliment I would brush it off. Recieving,being grateful is being in grace. Now I understand the term being thankful with grace, recieving gracefully. Thank you. Tana

  • Jay Rossi

    I have been in this receiving mood of late. Everywhere around me, people are always sending beautiful emails, wishes, meeting wonderful new people in my life. Receiving courses in meditation, courses in Enlightenment, Courses on how to relieve pain from my body. I am in constant flow of receiving. How fortunate I am to be so lucky and to have the Universe open so many doors for me. I surely am chosen to receive. Thank you Universe, Thank you Aine! Much love, Jay

  • Pyar

    Thank you for this wonderful gift of knowledge about the power and love of Universe.

    God Bless You!

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