I came across a remarkable piece of written inspiration and was so moved I contacted the author who kindly offered to also video the words to share with you. This “Love Letter To The World” is written beneath as well.

Enjoy some soul-nourishing, life-changing inspiration >>

A Love Letter To The World
By Kate Swoboda

In the face of complaints, look that person in the eye and imagine what it might have been like to be raised to see only what is wrong.

In the face of selfishness, wonder what it might be like to walk the world with a feeling of lack, of depletion.

In the face of insults, consider where this person first learned that it’s okay to abuse others.

In the face of disconnection, think about what causes it, and ask if your response will widen the river between the two of you.

In the face of laziness, recognize the fear of living big dreams.

In the face of extremism or fundamentalism, see the clinging, as well as the terror-filled silence that would arise for that person if they risked letting go.

In the face of controlling behavior, understand the chaos that must have bred it.

In the face of “always needing to be right,” see how often this person was once made wrong.

In the face of arrogance or bravado, hold gently that still, small piece that says “I’m not enough.”

In the face of drama or attention-seeking, see the person who wishes so much to be seen.

In the face of accusation, imagine what it might be like to live life with suspicion.

In the face of judgement or comparisons, step into the opportunity the world has just provided you for practicing love and acceptance.

In the face of passive-aggressiveness, recognize the child that wasn’t taught a safe way to express their truth.

In the face of anger, see the pain of isolation from others.

Most importantly: In the face of ferocious hatred, believe in the possibility that there exists the potential for equally as big, intense, lovely and fiery ferocious love.

~ Kate Swoboda

Kate Swoboda is a Life Coach, speaker and writer who helps people lead unconventional and revolutionary lives through practicing courage. Learn more at www.yourcourageouslife.com


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    Some of our nation’s leaders’ve set a bad example
    For as they abuse, exploit, mow down and trample
    The very good people who put them in power
    Yet when rebuked or condemned they shower
    Them with long bullets as in the Arab spring
    Where the wrath of the people is still ringing
    From Yemen to Morocco
    The Arabs have gone loco
    Finally coming to their senses
    They’ve broken down defenses
    Putting an end to autocracy
    Replacing it with democracy
    Be careful of what you wish for, hm! they say
    Ensure you’re not caught in a political estray
    In the West mankind is very unkind too
    At times biting more than he can chew
    Sometimes he is too proud to admit he’s wrong
    Instead of waving and singing his patriotic song
    As in the case of Uncle Sam
    Camouflaged as a big scam
    The most powerful country in the world
    Running around with its flags unfurled
    As millions of folks are without medicare
    As the two parties jostle for votes in fear
    Here the rich can get away with murder
    Paving their way with a sly good lawyer
    Some are caught quickly in quagmire
    Plying their trade as a suicide bomber
    Many innocent folk suffers and get hurt
    As innocent by-standers lose their shirt
    Some unkind men pillage the earth
    Extracting and weakening its girth
    From the oil, coal and iron mines
    Aggravating so many fault lines
    Then there are the vultures
    Who disregard all cultures
    They are below man’s feces
    Killing endangered species
    They prey upon the weak and poor
    Dispensing all their hard drugs to them
    Luring them into an addiction problem
    Just for the green backs
    Using AK-47 in attacks
    And so it goes even when caught
    It always turned out to be naught
    For the Drug-lords sold their sole
    They know every law’s loophole
    Then they are the real hypocrites who really pray
    They’re the ones who go to church every Sunday
    Their sole evil intention all hell-bent
    Is to make Barak a one term President
    And then go to the big white house arena
    Debating issues to benefit the taxpayer
    Using filibustering as their con
    Eventually nothing is being done
    Mankind has become very cruel
    Behaving worst than a darn fool
    Where men abuse women and children
    Done solely by machismo egotistic men
    Single mothers become the breadwinners
    The grand-parents become the care-takers
    And children without parents to love
    Look for it in all places but not Above
    Many fall in cracks by the wayside
    Then they are in for long hard ride
    Mankind who used to be your brother
    Sadly today they’re killing one another
    And there is fundamentally very absent
    Respect for each of the commandment
    We really have to back to the basics
    Discard our hypocrisy and tricks
    Respect the laws of nature
    Do not be so darn cocksure
    Stop texting learn to talk to one another
    And go back being our brother’s keeper


    Ps. this line should be:
    For the Drug-lords sold their soul

  • mark.s

    This is preety thought provokeing,probeing deep into everyones innermost of who we are and what,how,when & where,Its time to flip the Pancake around and over and change things to how they should be,make it happen,that Love Letter By Kate Has The Very Tools We Need To Change,Work On It & Develop It,Have A Great Day,Love mark.s

  • Mark

    Thank you for that wounderful post.We all need to practice random acts of kindness more often.Nameste

  • Dr. Omoregie H.O

    We sincerely need the like of kate and more love letters to change and transform the world to it’s original form made by God. The act of inhumanity between men is too much for now that only God’s perfect grace can worked on men’s mentality, I love Kate’s post cheers.

  • beverly

    Thank you Kate for your wonderful Love Letter to the World, pointing out with such beauty and simplicity that Love and Understanding are powerful antidotes for the negativity and fear we encounter (both in ourselves and in others).
    Thank you for the precious Invitation to look more deeply into the Hearts of all we meet … and in that looking we find within our own Hearts the greatest treasure of all … Unconditional Love. And that is truly what our Hearts quest, for it is the KEY to the Peace of Heart we seek.
    In each moment may our Peace-Full Hearts shine ever more brightly into the World with Love and Understanding .
    Namaste, Beverly…

  • Helen

    Thank you Aine, for sharing your insights and awareness to help us with our living. This piece is words in action and deserves re-reading.

  • Doris Rios

    Thank you so much, All the words in your Love letter are so beautiful and make one feel good. To live with respect and the aim to change towards this goal would make a life worth living.
    Thanks again and I am wishing you the best.

  • suzie

    Thiss iss wonderfull and very true..ders always a reason for evrything!!nd wat eyes always sees isnt the truth always :)

  • elio

    Yes, a wonderful essay of all faults of the Big and small nations that rule the game! Thank u. It would be easy to change the game; Have everybody respect its own self first, then the neighbor rights and last work with LOVE their way thru life, then we shall have made a change, we would need no rulers to rule a world already ruled by the mightyest force LOVE. Love when u wake up to a new day, thank yr new life, live yr moment with love, passion and joy, feel the love for all that u do,and we ALL will not need rulers to rule us!!!!

  • Made Sukahatya

    It’s all their games
    Yuo have your own game play
    Believe and Trust
    Your scenario is the best for you
    No matter what other thinks abou it.

  • jeanne rocque

    thankyou for another loving post.insight and understanding can only help

  • Juan Angel

    May God bless you allways,for you are a blessing to all.

  • Philip

    Some of the verses really are true to things that are hipping in my world. They are true to the world though.

  • Manuel Garcia

    Thanks,what a beautiful message.yes I want to practice that!
    It reminds me of the beautiful very youg lady that said.
    Please choose to be kind today.

    Appreciations & gratitude always
    Manuel Garcia

  • Darrell

    Thank you Kate/Aine
    Again, its my perception that in femininity God has given us his/her most beautiful creation …. we are all born and raise from the womb and love of femininity and you girls are leading the way for us!

    Thank you for the beautiful share, God bless you and love speed the healing of the world through you, to us and via us, let love be the healing virus that spreads rapidly like that beautiful love letter!

    I love you!!!
    Darrell :)xx

  • Will

    This is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes <3

    Thank you so much Kate!

    Much love

  • Patti

    This letter touched my heart and one particular paragraph has shed some light and given me more calmness. Thank you, xP

  • Karen

    That it is a very insightful and beautiful letter….offering a wonderful perspective on things. Is it okay to share this letter, as long your name is included? :)

  • Amy

    Thank you for posting this article and video. It was very inspiring and true- we all need to learn to accept others by thinking about what motivates others to act in certain ways.

  • Tasha

    Thank you for this letter. Its simply wonderful and a must-read for seekers.Tasha

  • Sharon

    Remarkable insight, thank you for sharing this guideline to compassion.

  • Lynette


  • carol McIntire

    Wish this was a flyer for each home to receive. I re-read it twice to make sure it sunk in. As usual right on the mark. We all know truth when we read it, hear or see it. Thank you for your outreach to all of us.

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