A Harvesting Ritual to Celebrate and Release 2012,
Raise your Energy and Elevate 2013!
By Aine Belton

Before you skip, dive, dance, or tippy toe into a brand New year, don’t be so quick to turn your back on 2012 without an honouree farewell; a taking stock, gathering of gifts, and owning of the magic moments, love, growth, blessings, learning, healing, strengths, accomplishments, and more.

This ‘Closing Ceremony’ also includes forgiving, accepting and letting go of painful or constricting experiences, patterns, or pitfalls, which can also hold gifts, whether you are aware of them presently or not.

In all life areas there will be jewels to harvest, hone, learn from, build on and more fully allow in through acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude from 2012, and at different levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The below questions will help you pluck and polish the gems of 2012!

You may want to copy and paste the questions into a word document and allow space between each so you can fully respond in writing.

Firstly, is there anything icky or heavy you want to get off your chest from 2012 before entering 2013?

Any anger, pain, sorrow, resentment, regret, hurt, confusion, judgment, blame, pity or otherwise? If you feel it will serve you, allow yourself to feel these feelings, have a last rant, winge, vent to get them off your chest once and for all. You may want to write them down and burn the paper, or express them in whatever way helps you release them most effectively (and cleanly, i.e. without dumping them on another!). Alternatively, you may just like to ditch them a choice of letting go.

Now take a deep breath and let out a relieving sigh, *aaaaaah*. There we go. End of those stories, and on with…

Harvest time!

To extract the juice from 2012, answer the questions below:

* What dreams came true in 2012?

* How did your love of self, life and others, show up in 2012 – in your relationships, work, and life in general?

* What personal strengths did you discover, apply, stretch or develop?

* What served as a catalyst for your growth and transformation that you can now be grateful for, even if challenging or painful at the time?

* What new skills, insights and wisdom did you acquire in 2012?

* What can you forgive yourself for in 2012?

* What and who else can you forgive and let go of from 2012?

* What achievements and accomplishments can you congratulate yourself for?

* What blessings and grace-filled synchronicities stand?

* What beautiful lessons did you learn in 2012? (I’m not too fond of the word ‘lessons’, but I trust you know what I mean here).

* List some of 2012’s magic moments!

* What do you feel were any ‘weak’ areas or traits that you would like to enhance in 2013 (relationships, fun, finances, self-love, business, freedom, leisure, work, commitment, forgiveness, expressing your truth, acting on opportunity, etc.)?

* What and who are you grateful for this 2012, and why? (You may also want to make a phone call or send a thank you card, email or text to someone to express that thanks).

* What or who can you let go of from 2012? (This can include a pattern, grievance, person, belief, resentment, attitude, emotion, attribute, behaviour, story, situation, judgment (against self or other), habit, etc.).

* Where did you courageously step outside of your comfort zone in 2012?

* What new people did you meet in 2012 that your heart is grateful for?

* What did you absolutely LOVE that happened in 2012?

Answers to some of these questions may overlap. You don’t have to answer them all – feel free to focus on those that most resonate, though I recommend answering the forgiveness and gratitude questions to enhance the letting go of constricting energy, and allowing in more of the positive, and using the energy of gratitude to call in and expand on the beautiful things that happened for 2013.

When you have answered the questions, read the answers back, honouring each by getting in touch with the feelings (of love, gratitude, appreciation, joy, acknowledgment, enthusiasm, self-respect, forgiveness, acceptance, letting go, etc.).

Reap and allow in the wonders of 2012!

Congratulate yourself for this year gone by and the gifts garnered. Allow yourself to feel the joy, gratitude, accomplishment, and celebration.

Feel grateful for all that you have, and all that you are, for your desire to make a difference, and your beautiful heart.

Much love,


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  • Lynne

    Love love love this!

    Thanks for a fab piece of inspiration, this really does raise my energy, so pleased you shared this.

    Love and big thanks,


  • Sheila Baumann

    Thanks Aine for providing us with those thoughtful questions. They gave me the opportunity to think and to plan what comes next.

    I am grateful to you for the work you are doing.


  • Jon

    Just dreading these shifted things for me. I’m going to save these & do fully later. I also feel more positive, eager & enthusiastic about the New Year. Just realising how much I have receive ed created & achieved in my life has helped with that through these questions, & how much love I have for life & the people in my life!

    Thanks again for your generous sharing & all you contribute.



  • Laila Jensen

    Thank you for your profofound thruth.
    My. Best

  • Michael

    Very valuable suggestions here, great questions and shows just how powerful questions alone are in all they can get going and generate.

    Thank you!!


  • James

    Excellent Aine! Thank you for this.


  • Claire

    This was a very valuable exercise for me.It really highlighted that mainly in 2012 I have been working and ‘keeping calm and carrying on’ through hard times. The questions which asked ‘what did you love in 2012’ really pinpointed where I may still be living in a story of fear and how I need to follow my heart more, rather than struggling in the interim, or not trusting or feeling safe in life. Thank you

  • Larry

    Very inciteful, I love things that cause people to look within. This also causes them to look forward, thanks and let’s do 2013 big. This is my product and profit year greenlights all the way.

  • Teeanolia

    I LOVE this e-mail I am going to do everything to the T.

  • Paul Blythe

    Dear Aine,
    Love is who we are. I love you as have undertaken to conceive this global love project, drawing us back to our true identity of heart and the One we are a part of. You see tireless in your work and I am blessed to be on your mailing list, helping me to grieve the loss of my wife, who complemented a dynamic duo with me for 44 years. You are a voice “crying in the wilderness” of hypnotic adverts, which focus on lacks and materials to substitute to fill a “man-made” void, due to a lack of true self expression of who we really are.

    Much Love, dear one, Paul

  • Ramesh Moonshiram

    Beautifully written and inspirational. The answers to the questions will help to address our shortcomings during the past year and start the new year with renewed vigour and energy.

    Thank you for sharing. I take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your inspirational experiences with us during the year and wish you and your family a happy and prosperous new year filled with love.

  • Pal

    A fantastic message which helps us to reflect reflect on the past and build the future of our preference. Thank you Aine.

  • Dadoma

    Dear Aine,

    Thank you.This made me to think & I will do my human revolution.Transform my self.make myself a better human being.I will try to answer these question. make the new year memorable
    Happy New Year 2013 looking forward for more good reading.

  • Gloria Collins

    This year has brought many great and wonderful changes in my life that i am so thankful and gratful for. Much love always Gloria

  • jeanne rocque

    thankyou for another beautiful written piece.i love your emails.I had brain sugery 4 epilepsy in ’08 and got my licence for the first time in ’09.what will ’13 bring?who knows but i m gonna have fun!

  • jane reid

    I read this with interest, as this year was a turning point for me. A friend asked why didn’t I write an ebook. That planted a seed that grew as I tried to think of what I would write about. The miracles that have occurred in my past 40 years began to emerge and I found myself joyfully writing about them. I found all kinds of help on the internet on how to write, get published and advertise. And now, as of this month I am a published writer! My book: And God Said: Quite Feeling Sorry for Youeself, I Did, And The Miracles Began is now out for anyone’s enjoyment to read. If any of you do read it, I would appreciate your comments. A year full of blessings you need be yours in 2013 (and I am 83)

  • Gu Kim

    Only thanks

  • Steve

    Well let’s begin, my son moved in on my birthday, a goal of filling and selling a thirty unit building came to fruition. Bought a house in September, thirty grand debt wiped away by her majesty the queen and scored a thirteen thousand square foot flooring contract to end the year. So in a nut shell, HOLY $&@$!!!! She was awesome, Thanks Aine for getting me to just think about It.

  • Bhalla S,K,

    It is great article and very inspiring. Thanks for enlightenment.

  • Michael

    Awesome musings for the transition into 2013 – thanks Aine!!

  • Eleaquina


  • m2thek

    Aine, thank you from a grateful heart. Your teachings and writings have helped tremendously in my personal life! 2012 was a year of trial, tribulation and triumph! You have played a “Big” part in achieving that triumph:) Thank you again and gratefully acknowledge all the “heartfelt work” that you do. You are a true guide.

    With gratitude.

  • Made

    Be aware
    Love is every where
    Om Shanti

  • mikael

    You are one of the people i am grateful for meeting in the year 2012. You shown me that all that i need to be happy lies in the love that exist in me…….thank you

  • Ako

    thanks for the doctrine you have been given me.my pruducts just bear fruit in 2012 and it will ripening and consume in 2013.Thanks Aine B.

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