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[Below is a copy of what was shared in the Global Love ezine, which you can receive along with a free ‘love pack’ via:]

Whatever’s going on in your life, take a pause to allow in some transformational food for the soul with “20 Epiphanies” shared below.

These aren’t meant as absolutes and, of course, don’t have to be your ‘truths’. I share them as they’ve served as healing pearls time and time again.

You may want to intuitively pick a number between 1 – 20 (or several) before reading below and pay particular attention to those in relation to anything going on in your life right now.

As always, only accept that which feels right and true to you.

“20 Epiphanies for a way better life!” By Aine Belton

1. The only thing wrong with you is ever thinking there’s anything wrong with you.
2. The answer is always love; love for yourself, others and the world.
3. What you seek that is true for you is also seeking you.
4. Choice is yours for the taking, life is yours for the making.
5. From wounds can come wings, from depths can come heights, all can be opportunity for your life to take flight.
6. If you don’t think you’re amazing, you’ve simply temporarily forgotten who you are.
7. The more beauty you see in others, the more beautiful you become.
8. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being YOU.
9. Every end is a new beginning.
10.Don’t wait for happiness, choose it.

Numbers 11 – 20 continued at the webpage.

Much love,

Aine Belton

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