[Below is a copy of what was shared in the Global Love ezine that you can register to receive along with 5 heart-nourishing gifts via our Gifts page].

I wanted to share some inspiration to support the birth of a New Year just ahead!

First up is an End of Year Harvest Ritual – a transformational ‘closing ceremony’ you can do to reap the gifts of 2015.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/end-of-year-ritual

It’s a fairly short but empowering process.

How have you found this year?

Whatever its ebb and flow, hills and valleys, highs and lows, it may hold more gifts than you are currently aware of – gifts that you can harvest for an even brighter 2016.

This End of Year Ritual helps you pick out the gems of this year gone – gems that may be found as much in the challenges as the shiney bits, and the many shades in-between.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/end-of-year-ritual

365 Days of Self-Love Letters
I love this beautiful Global Love blog share from Sharna Langlais encouraging us to join her in 2016 with a daily Self-Love Letter.
Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/2015/12/365-days-of-self-love-letters

Ask me to do anything the same for more than 7 days and I get the heebie-jeebies, but there’s something about this that struck a chord with me and it’s been bobbing about in my consciousness ever since we received it.

Your 365 day self-love letters can take many forms. As well a loving note to yourself, they could be about ways you feel inspired to love yourself each day, experiencing and expressing your love for yourself, and grounding that with action too.

Reflecting on this has stirred up a lot of food for thought with me already. It’s also a warming nourishing read that I’m sure you’ll enjoy too.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/2015/12/365-days-of-self-love-letters

Self-love lays the foundation for receiving love from any other source and manifesting positive realities in general, so for a brighter, more love-full 2016 all round, a year of love letters to yourself can only support that!

More on tips, tools and resources for manifesting an optimum 2016 coming up.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration however you’re spending it and I look forward to connecting at the beginning of 2016!

Much love,

Aine Belton