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You cannot hide from your beauty. You can try; you can bury it beneath layers of experiences and excuses designed to keep yourself and others from noticing it in you, but ultimately it will find you. Your beauty is a divine gift; it is your birthright and your truth. It is the essence of your soul that shines brightly for the world to see and it is waiting for you to embrace it. You don’t have to do anything to earn or enhance it, it just is; like the air you breathe and the sun that lights up the sky.

Why are so many afraid of their beauty? What is it that frightens us so much about acknowledging and claiming the beautiful truth of ourselves? Often it feels safer to stay small, living a life that allows others the comfort of their own beliefs. It feels less lonely to fit into external ideas of who and how to be than to shine in all your glory, risking the temporary solitude on the road to expansion and bliss.

If you stopped hiding from your beauty, how would your life be different? Would you feel freer, more expansive, more exposed, or more fearful? Would you allow yourself the pleasure of being seen and understood for who you truly are? Would you relish the sensuality of the body you inhabit?

There are so many reasons you might try to hide your beauty from the world. Perhaps your physical attributes have felt like the reason you’ve attracted toxic people in the past, so you play it down, hoping that by being less appealing, you will draw in those who see the truth of your heart. Perhaps you have perceived your empathic and compassionate nature as the reason for your past pain, and so you have become colder and resistant to others’ attempts to connect.

Your beauty is who you are. It is comprised of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of you that make up a divine whole. You cannot hide from one aspect of it, or hide it from the world, without denying the truth of the whole being that you are. And why would you want to hide from it? It is a part of your expression as a being of Love, of Source energy in human form. Your beauty is a gift to the world, and is meant to be shared and celebrated by all who come in contact with you. To fear your beauty is to fear life.

Look around at the world, and the way beauty is reflected to you every day. A mother comforts her crying child with a tender embrace; a hummingbird hovers near a flower to partake of its nectar; the spring blossoms paint the world a variety of hues; the different shapes of people’s bodies and faces and lives. You are a part of that world, and it a part of you. You are a golden thread in the beautiful tapestry of life, adding your unique and shining signature to the bigger picture. Without you, the world would be missing a vital piece.

Your beauty is a part of All that Is, a part of the amazing and expansive Universe that you inhabit. As you step into the dance and engage intimately with the beauty that you are, you open space for others to join in. A tango here, a waltz there; your steps intertwine and your beauty expands as it weaves with another. You see and are seen; you express and receive the expression of the other.

Beauty is not gauged by external measures or standards to which you must adhere. Beauty is in the way you engage with your heart and soul and express that in the world. It is in the way you choose to use your words and your energy to love others from a place of wholeness and connection. It is in the way you allow your essence to express itself in the physical world, following joy and passion to the life you’ve designed through engaging with your innermost dreams.

Beauty is an expression of your soul. It is the joy of being who you are as authentically and vulnerably as you allow yourself to be. It is the acceptance of your own fallibility and your divine power; of your pain and your happiness; of your love and your hatred. It is fear, it is joy. It is darkness and light. It cannot be defined from without or described in words.

You cannot hide from your beauty. It will find you. There is nothing to fear. It wants to be shared with the world and celebrated in its fabulousness. It wants to be loud, proud and bold. It wants to be shouted from the rooftops and splashed across billboards worldwide. It wants to be laughed with and cried with and embraced. It wants you to see it in yourself, and in every being you engage with.

Trust your beauty, and trust its capacity to show you the way to your expansion. The time for hiding is done.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

Jenny Griffin is an intuitive messenger, Earth Goddess and mystic at The Power of Change. Her fascination with catharsis and its transformative power has led her on some incredible adventures through a wide array of experiences with diverse people all over the world. Her work can be found in numerous publications and collaborative projects. Jenny’s first book, Domestication of the Spirit, is out for publication. You can also connect with Jenny and say hi at her personal Twitter or Facebook hubs.

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