You may have noticed a rise in sprouts of all kinds and varieties on offer in stores and health food shops in recent years, everything from alfalfa to broccoli, radish, chickpea sprouts, you name it.

Sprouts are uber healthy, packed full of nutrients, enzymes, and potent life-force energy.

You can eat sprouts just as they are as a healthy nibble, and they really wow-up salads and other meals.

As well as purchasing sprouts from a store, you can also explore sprouting from home. You can buy a seed sprouter (germinator) for doing so m, which makes it super simple, or search online for some ‘how to sprout’ tips/videos.

Below are just some of the many marvelous health benefits of sprouts and why you would benefit from eating them!

1) Sprouting actually increases the concentration of nutrients and some vitamins by as much as 500%! Proteins too (by 20%). The fibre content also increases, enzymes sky-rocket, and minerals bind more to the proteins through sprouting, which makes them more usable in the body.

2) Sprouts are extremely high in active enzymes, which stimulates your own body’s enzymes too, and boosts your energy. Enzymes serve a wide range of important functions in the body, including aiding digestion and metabolism.

3) Sprouts are alkaline. Alkalizing the body has many benefits. Many diseases, including cancer, have been linked to high acidity in the body.

4) Sprouted seeds are far easier to digest than non-sprouted ones.

5) Sprouted seeds have less calories than the whole seed. The energy has been used by the seed to transform into a nutrient-rich sprout!

6) Scientific studies have found sprouts to have many anti-cancer effects.