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We are honoured to share some life-changing wisdom from the extraordinary Teal Swan.

Teal Swan survived 13 years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse before breaking free from a cult at age 19. Her journey of recovery, and extrasensory gifts, now help millions of people around the world with their own healing, awakening and transformation.

There are many ways we can attempt to cope with pain, trauma, stress, and distress. Teal shares examples of those coping mechanisms, along with some remarkable insights, in her piece below.

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Coping mechanisms can help you quite literally survive when pain, stress and trauma are overwhelming. When a coping mechanism is no longer needed, however, Teal Swan explains it can continue nonetheless and become unhealthy and destructive.

Discover how and why that is, and what you can do about it. And if you have blindspots to possible coping mechanisms you may be using, Teal supports you in revealing those.

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Coping mechanisms of any nature, and by their very nature, can be addictive. Many coping mechanisms are addictions.

My father’s coping mechanism, alcohol, killed him. It nearly killed me in my teens too.

Not all addiction coping mechanisms are obvious. Work, sex, social media, you name it, if compulsive, can be an addiction.

There can be more disguised ‘healthy’ addictions and coping mechanisms, e.g. exercise, detoxing, oracle cards, you name it, that might go less recognized as such. Of course, these can bring great benefits in themselves, but if they are being used to distract or avoid or cover something over they may not serve. And then there are mental and emotional states or attitudes that we may use as coping mechanisms.

Do you know if a behaviour or trait in your life is compulsive, being used as a coping mechanism, or an addiction?

Check out Teal Swan’s healing share on this below, which includes 6 insightful steps that help you identify and let go of coping mechanisms.

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Pain can naturally surface to be released and processed in layers and waves as and when you might be most ready for that to occur.

I experienced a couple of days recently when some deep layers of emotional pain surfaced for release. I felt that pain quite literally in my body and heart too. This wasn’t in response to an external trigger in this particular case, it was simply time for another layer of pain to move through and be freed. A coping mechanism that’s passed a ‘serving period’ can distract, numb and block these natural processes of release from occurring.

This experience of pain was followed by some very beautiful states of bliss. When denser emotions are released it can create the space for more light to enter and be embodied.

Teal Swan’s insights on pain, stress and coping mechanisms are invaluable. Check them out at the link below. Do also check out her YouTube channel if you’ve yet to see one of her videos, they are amazing!

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Much love,

Aine Belton

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