Below is a short Blessing Prayer for the birth of a year ahead.

Whatever you wish to invite in this year, within or without, may you fully know that you are already enough just as you are right now, that you are loved totally and unconditionally, ever and always, and that all lies within you.  

Whatever the year holds, it’s certainly not going to be a straight line. It may have its bumps and bends, pits, plateaus and peaks, the new, unknown and unexpected. Whatever it hold, may love hold you.

May You Be Blessed

May you play more, laugh more, love more, live more, give more, receive more, and celebrate more!
May you open to the vast possibilities and boundless love and wisdom of your transcendent truer self.
May the doors to your brightest futures swing wide open.
May you know the full extent of your worth and deserving and open to receive all that your heart desires.
May gifts, synchronicities, serendipities and successes dawn effortlessly in your world.
May you connect to and experience more of the love, truth and beauty that you are.
May you sparkle and glow with joy and magic.
May your laughter refresh the world daily, brightening all those around you, including yourself.
May you know that you are loved, loving and loveable, ever and always.
May you live a life you truly LOVE.

Much love,

Aine Belton