Author and psychotherapist Sharon Martin takes a look at when life doesn’t go as planned, and some of the ways we may attempt or struggle to deal with that.

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Last year saw some major unexpected happenings in the collective many would regard as not going as planned or anticipated, the US election results being one example. With anything that happens, you always get to respond, the recent Women’s March being a related example.

How about in your personal life?
Any happenings that stand out as not going as planned in a way that seemed against the grain of your wishes, desires or expectations?
What did that bring to the surface?
How did you deal with, react, or respond to that?

Understanding a bigger picture as to why anything may be manifesting can help, but you might not have the foggiest idea, or lack insight, understanding or clarity around that.

Here we’re looking at support for dealing with the unplanned, period.

There can be a bunch of feelings that surface when things don’t go as planned for a number of reasons Sharon explores in her post.

My mother’s partner died recently. Whilst not in great health for some time, this was unexpected. How you react or deal with something obviously depends on the nature of what that is and how it impacts you. There can be shock, or disappointment, and stages of processing, such as the stages of grief if a loss.

With anything that doesn’t go as planned, there can be the death of what was planned to let go of, even if temporarily, to become more present with whatever currently is, and more fully open to current potentials, awareness, healing possibly, blessings and opportunities, next steps, and so on.

Sharon highlights how we may be inclined to react in ways that might not serve us when life throws us a curve ball, and what we can do to become more conscious of that.

She moves on to cover some helpful tips and strategies.

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Among many points, Sharon addresses what can be a desire or attempt to control that may surface.

Even if this isn’t overt, it might show up within as struggling or refusing to accept a situation in a way that could cause you unnecessary stress and suffering.

Even if you’re not much of a planner type, as Sharon says she is, there can still be things you expect to happen in a given situation, some of which you might not even be aware of expecting until they don’t happen.

When the unconscious becomes more conscious, in whatever way that happens, through whatever experiences or triggers in your own life, you may find unplanned or unexpected thoughts, feelings, beliefs, wounds, shadows, and so on, surfacing.

In her article, Sharon Martin offers support for when seemingly negative unplanned things happen.

Let’s remember….

The unplanned and unexpected is also the door through which serendipities, synchronicities, blessings and opportunities can, will, and do enter your life.

Much love,

Aine Belton

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