You are loved beyond reasons, beyond seasons, unconditionally, eternally, you are loved.
Happy Valentine’s! Wishing you a beautiful love-filled day however you’re spending it, celebrating or not, single or partnered.

The Vortex of Love meditation, an excerpt from the recent Global Heart Circle, is shared below as a gift.

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It’s an opportunity for opening to love, receiving and sending love out in a divine co-created experience that includes 3 sections, ending with receiving a soul gift.

Let love embrace, imbue, nourish, heal, transform and renew.



Something that impacts our capacity for allowing more love into our lives, or anything else for that matter, in whatever form that takes, is receiving.

Where are you at with receiving? Is it something you ever reflect on?

The value of giving gets far more attention than receiving, and yet the two are inextricably linked; there can’t be one without the other.

In deepening your capacity to receive you can allow in an experience of more of the love that you are and the love that’s ever there for you, and increase your capacity to give as well.

The Vortex of Love meditation is created to support you with that.

So what can stand in the way of receiving?

Below I list 12 possible blocks to receiving.

Any of the these ring a bell with you?

1. Negative beliefs about yourself, others, and the world?
2. Feelings of unworthiness or a lack of self-love?
3. Fear of the intimacy and the vulnerability of receiving?
4. Past wounds?
5. Independence or control?
6. Is it that you are unfamiliar with receiving and need to more consciously flex it?
7. Do you have martyr or sacrifice patterns of giving without receiving?
8. Do you fear letting love in/are there protective walls around your heart?
9. Do you think you don’t deserve to receive?
10. Is some kind of guilt or a lack of self-forgiveness blocking you from receiving?
11. Are you cynical of giving therefore block receiving from others?
12. Do you fear that if you receive you will lose what you receive or not be able live up to it in some way hence on some level resist it?

Give yourself permission to receive whatever it is you currently need.

Our ability and willingness to receive can affect all areas of our lives, and allowing in love (from ourselves/others/the universe), and anything else for that matter!

Let go of blocks and resistances to receiving and allow yourself to receive more of the love that you are and the love that’s ever there for you.

The Vortex of Love meditation includes an initial section for releasing, followed by the Vortex of Love immersion experience and receiving a soul gift.

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May you know that you are loved & loveable, ever and always.

Much love,

Aine Belton