We’re holding a Global Heart Circle close to the full moon on Saturday Feb 11th for any that want to join. It’s a free online event you can partake in wherever you are in the world via a live-stream webpage, and if you can’t make the live time an MP3 will be available.

Details at: www.globalloveproject.com/global-heart-circle

It’s been a period of alarming presidential decisions in the US with a gamut of processing to go with it… shock, pain, anger, fear, outrage…

There’s also been a huge tide of response and love pouring forth in various ways. Activism is one way that response is being voiced; one way you can  take a stand for what you believe in, and raise a voice for love.

You can also raise the voice of love itself. Last month was Martin Luther King Day, celebrating his life. I’m reminded of his quote: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness…”.

Resonance versus Force

I recently read an article by a shaman and metaphysician friend on the power of resonance (energy waves) versus force.

This wasn’t about resonance versus action; action can be born of resonance and an expression of that, such as any way love-fuelled actions express themselves, and have so beautifully been doing with so many around the world in these times.

“The idea of force is based on mechanics; Newtonian physics, such as billiard balls knocking each other along. It gives rise to the belief that we need force, and need to be stronger than others. Resonance is more about energy and waves. Waves don’t push each other along. They blend and form new resonant patterns.” ~ Peter Aziz

The immeasurable power of resonance, being invisible, can be overlooked. Just reflect on the difference your personal energy and state of being makes in your life, on those around you too, and the types of choices you make even.

As an energy sensitive and having trained in a number of paths of energy medicine, I’m aware resonance is how energy healing works.

It’s also the principle of Oneness. EVERYTHING is energy.

Uncannily, when I logged-in to Twitter before sending out this ezine there was a mention from someone sharing some of their geometric art, and a link to a YouTube video on… resonance!

Here’s the link to that video: https://youtu.be/wvJAgrUBF4w

It shows resonance in a very visible way you might not otherwise get to witness, with a technique using frequency and sand that enables the form resonant frequencies take to be physically seen.

The work of the late Dr Masaru Emoto also showed the influence of energy in visible form by the shapes water molecules took in response to the resonance of thoughts, feelings, prayers, words, music, and so on.

In times of crisis, chaos and uncertainty, you might feel all over the place, understandably! Honour and process your feelings wherever you’re at. Doing so allows you to be more intimate with yourself, to release and transform energy, and be more present, open and vulnerable, all of which are also doorways to love.

Accept yourself ~ just as you are ~ right now.

The Global Heart Circle is a platform for creating the space for love. This particular event has 3 main elements and includes a co-created Vortex of Love meditation that I’ve personally found very healing and transforming as a way to bathe in love.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/global-heart-circle

Love lies at the heart of who we are, the very fabric of our being. That love is ever-present, and an ultimate panacea.

Much love,

Aine Belton