Happy International Women’s day!

Let’s take some time to feel and express our love, gratitude and appreciation for the women in our lives, the women in our world, and for the feminine in general.

Let’s reflect on the feminine, its gifts, and how we can love, honour, respect, nourish, embody, and celebrate the feminine, within and without.

We’re blessed with a very beautiful share on the Sacred Feminine from Amy Peck, founder of the Goddess Studio, for deeper insight into the feminine principle.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/2017/03/sacred-feminine

Feminine and masculine energy exist as universal currents within All, not just by virtue of our physical gender.

“Awareness of the Sacred Feminine will aid us to appreciate the feminine nature in women and men.  Awareness of a Universal Motherhood will help us to respect the earth and Mother Nature.” ~ Amy Peck

This gem-packed article has many layers and ends with listing a variety of examples of the principles of the “Sacred Feminine”.

Check it out! >> www.globalloveproject.com/2017/03/sacred-feminine

The feminine communicates through feeling and intuition. What I feel to share about here is acceptance, which I do just below. That isn’t what I planned to share about, but it’s what I feel to, so I’ll go with that. For me, that’s part of honouring the feminine.

I can think of times and ways I don’t honour the feminine (such as when in busyness or independence, for example). I am aware of beliefs and family patterns that are connected with my relationship with the feminine too.

Of late I’ve been enjoying a flourishing of the feminine with getting back into singing and song-writing and co-creating music.

How about you?
What blocks, diminishes or stifles the feminine in you?
And what opens up, nourishes and blossoms the feminine for you?

Check out Amy Peck’s inspirational share on the Sacred Feminine: www.globalloveproject.com/2017/03/sacred-feminine

“It is time to honor the Sacred Feminine – to remember and reclaim our Heritage – in order to restore wholeness within our religions, our selves, our communities, and our earth.” ~ Amy Peck


How many ‘problems’ in our world today, including masculine-feminine imbalance within or without, involve a lack of acceptance?

And what lies behind any lack of acceptance, of self or otherwise (with you, for example)? (Fear/judgement/anger/pain/ignorance/beliefs/shame/guilt/control…?)

Amy begins her inspirational article with the words “The Sacred Feminine is a paradigm of Universal Motherhood.” Motherhood brings with it the essence of unconditional love and acceptance.

Our last post was about transformation with reference to the phoenix. Love and acceptance are the most potent healers and transformers. Acceptance doesn’t set out to transform, yet paradoxically it does, since what you accept you let go of. It is what you resist that persists. Acceptance ironically brings great change.

I noticed my inner critic flaring up the other day. I realized there was a self-acceptance issue. I gave myself the gift of acceptance.

Acceptance is like an all-encompassing healing hug, and is unconditional by its very nature.

There can’t be harmony, wholeness, integration and unity without acceptance. Love opens the door to acceptance, and vice versa.

There can be resistance to accepting things you dislike because of a fear that what you accept you may be stuck with, or are in some way condoning, encouraging or resigning to. That’s not what acceptance is about though, nor does acceptance have an opinion.

Accepting your negative ego can help you be conscious of it, not succumb to it. Accepting your shadow side (or another’s) helps with facing it, eliciting hidden gifts even. Accepting dysfunctional beliefs and attitudes can allow for greater self-love, and so on. Anything you accept you free up. Any time you accept you create an opening for love.

Acceptance is also an antidote to judgement and other ego traps and constrictions, such as fear, control, guilt, perfectionism, comparison, power-struggle, feeling ‘better than’ or ‘less than’, and so on.

Pain exists only in resistance. Joy exists only in acceptance. ~ Rumi

Wishing you the healing hug of acceptance. Let that acceptance begin with you.

Accept yourself ~ just as you are ~ right now.


Much love,

Aine Belton
(The above is an excerpt from the Global Love ezine you can register for via any of the join/sign-up boxes at this website).