This Spring Equinox, Sunday March 19, there will be a live love meditation from Mount Shasta with Andrew Oser.

This is a free online event you can join in via the web, or receive an MP3 recording if you can’t make the live time.
Details are at the Global Heart Circle page:

Mount Shasta is a sacred mountain in Northern California, believed to be the
1st Chakra (base chakra) of Mother Earth.

Andrew shares “Mount Shasta is a 14,000 foot mirror that reflects and amplifies the love in each of our hearts. Pilgrims come from all over the world to receive the blessings offered by this sacred mountain. Everyone feels the love and experiences it within the context of their own spiritual path, leaving feeling deeply renewed and reconnected with the One Source.”

Andrew, who lives at Mount Shasta and has been guiding retreats for over 30 years, will be at the base of the sacred mountain. Through his connection with Mount Shasta he helps participants come into resonance with the mountain’s frequency of love.

For more info and to join, visit the Global Heart Circle page which has a link to the live stream page, and where you can also register for an MP3 recording if you can’t make the live time (a countdown clock is also at that page).

Looking forward to joining you this Equinox!

Much love,

Aine Belton