Happy Spring Equinox!

The Spring Equinox is a time of renewal, re-birth, and celebration. In the Northern Hemisphere it is a day of equal light and dark, and marks a gateway period of transition and ‘in-between’.

Yesterday we joined in a live love meditation from Mount Shasta with Andrew Oser, a beautiful experience of surrendering to love. (We’ll be sharing an MP3 recording of that meditation you can get via the Global Heart Circle page).

There is a theme of balance with the Equinox, and of endings and beginnings (perhaps of patterns/cycles/phases/attitudes/approaches, for example), as you step into the new.

That balancing can be of shadow and light sides, of masculine and feminine, of differing energies and personality traits, archetypes, and so on.

Balancing isn’t about straight lines! It can be about the types of energies and qualities that most serve you at any time or period. What’s more, sometimes things get unbalanced before they get balanced. There may be times you swing from pendulum extremes of aspects or energies as part of finding balance, for example, discordance can surface to heal or release, things can get messy before they get smooth, and so on. There can be magic and meaning in all of that.

Are there areas, energies or qualities that you’ve been neglecting in your being or life?
Anything that feels over-active or under-active in a way that doesn’t serve you?
In a particular area perhaps (health/relationships/career/family…)?
What could you release or integrate that would be beneficial for you, within or without?

What doesn’t serve or is off-kilter in your life may get highlighted or have come to the surface in some way in the days preceding the Equinox. This can happen simply through your awareness, noticing that in others in your reality, with buttons being pressed, epiphanies, through your intuition, and so on.

The Equinox can be a time to allow in love, reflect, spiritually connect, open to inspiration, dream and envision, and feel a sense of enthusiasm and celebration around what you are manifesting or wish to.

Much love,

Aine Belton