Happy Earth Day! Let us send our love and gratitude to Mother Earth and pause to really cherish her.

Let’s reflect on all she gives so abundantly and unconditionally. Let’s thank her for holding us, for loving us, for feeding us, and for manifesting life, love and beauty in her countless forms.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22 to raise awareness and encourage deeper appreciation of the earth and environment, with events and activities of all kinds around the world to support that.

At the below we share “7 Eco Tips for Earth Day & Everyday”:

How can we, individually and as humanity, deepen our acknowledgement of, honouring, and connection to the earth?

How can we love, care for and partner with the incredible being we walk on daily who supports and nourishes us in unending ways?

As we encourage and cultivate a more intimate loving connection with the earth, respecting her, and our environment, a more sustainable mutually supportive relationship can develop.

At our “7 Eco Tips” webpage there is also a link to 4 free “Going Green” ebooks.

The Random Acts of Kindness organization also have some great Earth Day suggestions at their webpage here.

You can find out more about Earth Day via the Earth Day Network at: www.earthday.org

Much love,

Aine Belton