There are no perfect choices, but there may be choices that serve more or less at a given time.

The below questions can support you with any choice-making process and enhance your awareness around given choices, underlying intentions, potential impacts, the circumferences of choices available, and so on.

Your state of being obviously influences the nature of choices you make, so anything that helps you open to love when making choices will always optimize the choices you make.

Ask yourself the below questions with reference to a given choice:

  • Is this a loving choice?
  • Do I feel good when I think about making this choice?
  • What does not making this choice feel like?
  • What would things be like on the other side of choice? (Reflect, imagine, step into the experience or possible futures…)
  • How does my heart respond to this choice?
  • Does this choice reflect who I am?
  • Is this choice aligned to my values?
  • Is this choice in alignment with my principles?
  • Is this a fear choice?
  • Is this choice arising out of a constricting state (judgement, pain, hurt, anger, righteousness, martyrhood, victimhood, blame…)?
  • Is this a ‘safe choice’ keeping me from going beyond my comfort zone?
  • Is this someone else’s choice?
  • What other choices are available?
  • Which ‘me’ is choosing this? (Is it my child, adolescent, ego, adult self, or is it my Higher Self /a divinely inspired choice, for example?)
  • Is this choice coming from negative beliefs and stories?
  • Is this choice aligned with the future I desire to create?
  • Does this choice take me closer to my heart’s desires?
  • Does my intuition respond positively to this choice?
  • Is this a true choice of personal desire, or one of sacrifice or obligation?
  • Is this an informed choice?
  • What are the possible short and long-term impacts of this choice? Does one cancel out the merit of the other?

Don’t worry if you aren’t clear on answers to all these questions, they are shared to aid reflection. Simply going through them may help you become clearer about choices, bring awareness to possible blind-spots, open you to new perspectives in relation to your choice, and shed light on possible limiting agendas that may be impacting your choices.

Much love,

Aine Belton