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The Pledge of Love platform at our website is shared as an opportunity for making a commitment of love of any kind to yourself/another/the world.

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Some of the pledges coming in via that platform are shared further below as examples.

The idea was inadvertently inspired by my grandmother. I didn’t see her many times in my life as she lived in Sweden and we were in the UK but she would write the most beautiful letters. It had been a long time since I’d written to her. I’d been meaning to. Weeks and months passed by. I wrote a letter on my laptop and was going to buy a card to hand-write it in. She unexpectedly died and never got that letter.

The Pledge of Love platform is an opportunity to affirm your commitment to anything you feel called to. (Of course, you don’t have to enter that at the Pledge of Love page, you can affirm it in your mind, write it down, ask someone to support you with accountability, whatever you wish, but it’s there to support).

Is there something you want to mark a commitment to practically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually?
Is there something you’ve been ‘getting round’ to do?
Is there something you want to commit to not do even if it doesn’t serve?
What does your heart call forth at this time?

Below are a selection of pledges that have been coming in via the Pledge of Love webpage (“Anon” pledges chose the privacy option). More are shared at the page itself.

I pledge to hold in silence, the vision of each person who lives in my building as healthy and vital and true to themselves. ~ Mary Davis

I pledge to be more accepting of myself…the good, the bad, & the ugly! ~ Anon

I pledge to be good to be my body. To speak sweetly to it, to nourish and nurture it. ~ Anon

I pledge to honour my heart daily by prioritising time each morning to be still, to listen to it, to honour it, and to be guided by it. In doing so, my heart will continue to open and shine more widely, sending out ripples of love to those around me – so that in turn, they will ripple out love to those around them… creating a chain of open hearts, one beautiful heart at a time 🙂 ~ Helen Rebello

I pledge to say “I Love You”, “I Appreciate You”, “I Need You”, “I’m Glad to Know You” more often.  We all need to hear these things. ~ Anon

I pledge to take the time to enjoy others, branch out and do things that make me happy!! ~ Anon

I pledge to spend less time on Facebook. ~ Robert Cole

I pledge to truly accept myself and every tiny detail that makes me who I am today. I pledge to truly forgive everyone who I may still hold even the most miniscule amount of negative energy towards. ~ Mark Sawyer

I pledge to take more time for myself and be outside enjoying nature. ~ Joshua Robakiewicz

I pledge to love myself more, to appreciate all the good I do and to be more open to others about how I feel. I pledge to be more relaxed and open to the idea of being loved and loving another person. ~ Anon

I pledge to show love to my dog, Sydney, every day. She’s getting old and it’s easy to forget this because she sleeps so much these days. ~ Anon

I pledge my thoughts, words and actions are guided by my heart every single day! ~ Michaela Olexova

I pledge to listen more rather than hearing.  I tend to get distracted and hear but not really listen. ~ Anon

I pledge to love myself more while aiming to please others less. Often times I’m so focused on pleasing others that I forget that if I’m not healthy mentally I won’t be able to care for myself in the long run. ~ Anon

I hereby pledge to love the people in my life and enjoy all the things I have without feeling guilty about it. ~ Marie

I pledge to nurture my family relationships by spending more time and creating an environment where love can blossom. ~ Anon

I pledge to love myself more by putting good, healthy nutrition food into my body and treating it like a temple. ~ Anon

For more on the Pledge of Love, and more pledges too, visit the page:

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