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Hey! Here’s a recently favorite meal in my house that is so easy and quick to make! These tempeh wraps have all goodness of fresh veggies and the filling protein of tempeh. The smoked paprika with Coconut Aminos gives the tempeh and veggies a great flavor! If you don’t have Coconut Aminos, you can substitute with Braggs or Tamari!


1 package of tempeh cut into square chunks
5 carrots chopped
5 stalks of chopped celery
Guacamole (easy to make your own)
One head of Romaine lettuce
Coconut Aminos
Sea salt, pepper and smoked paprika
Olive oil

In a big pot heat some olive oil to coat the pan. Add tempeh, chopped celery and carrots along with a good covering of Coconut Aminos, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. Let cook until soft, stirring often. If anything starts to stick, add a little water. Once cooked and to romaine leaves and top with guacamole and enjoy as a wrap!

Lauren Nastasi calls herself a “Crunchy Plantbased Mom”. After years of suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, Lauren underwent a 3 step surgery over 8 months to get her life back. Now that she’s doing much better, she lives a healthy plant-based life, filled with love from her two daughters and husband. She’s passionate about making sure those around her stay healthy while living each day to the fullest.

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