I’ve no doubt your love and prayers have been ringing out to those affected by the hurricanes, floods and earthquakes of recent weeks.

International Peace Day this year lands at a time some areas of the planet have been experiencing the chaos and tragedies of devastating nature conditions. 

Along with the gamut of emotions and raw vulnerability of these times there is a deep sense of our shared humanity.

Wherever you are at in processing recent events, I wish you love and peace.

The post at the page below shares 10 Steps to Peace Within.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/2017/09/10-steps-peace

You may want to close your eyes and intuitively pick a number between 1 and 10 (or more than one number) before reading the post to see if any particular insight/s are highlighted for reflection.

7 Questions for Peace

For bringing peace home in a genuine way you may want to reflect on these 7 questions:

* What does peace mean to you?
* What helps you find peace?
* What stands in the way of peace for you?
* What can you let go of for more peace in your life?
* What can you allow more of into your life that supports peace?
* Who/what can you make peace with, within or without?
* What might help with that?

Much love,

Aine Belton