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Is there an area of your life in which you feel challenged or blocked or that is not going as think you’d like?

Try exploring the gratitude inquiry process below. It’s a brief yet powerful exercise that can uncover potential hidden gifts in a situation you may yet be consciously aware of.

This isn’t the same as attempting to feel grateful for something you are not grateful for per se, which may be untrue or unrealistic or lead to denial. That said, it’s possible you may end up feeling grateful for a given situation you feel called to explore this with after answering the below questions. (This exercise may not be relevant for all situations, obviously go with your feelings with that).

Looking at things from a different and more objective perspective, which some of these questions encourage, isn’t about skipping or covering over what you’re currently feeling. Honour and process wherever you’re at and whatever feelings are there to allow them to move through you and release.

I’m sure, like me, there have been problems, challenges or crises you’ve faced that you now look back on and realize what you gained and were gifted with through them; what they led to, what may have been beneficial, what qualities awakened, how you awakened, what love, healing, awareness, and so on. Perhaps some of those situations you now do feel grateful for.

The below exercise isn’t about pretending to feel OK about something you don’t, ignoring or denying your feelings, or coating anything over. It can elicit genuine gratitude in a way that may surprise and support you, however. You’ll know if that gratitude is real by how you feel.

(Ask yourself the below questions in relation to any ‘problem’ situation/experience):

* What have I learned or can I learn from this situation?
* What gifts/insights/qualities have I received or developed, or might I, from this situation (now or in the future) that might benefit me?
* How might my life be enhanced by this experience, if not right now, then in the future?
* Has my love and compassion (for self or others) deepened or does it have the potential for doing so through this situation?
* Have I become softer/stronger/wiser/humbler (add any quality), or have the potential for doing so through this situation?
* How has this challenge helped me discover more about myself?
* What positive qualities or experiences has this situation (or person) exhibited that I can be grateful for?
* What good has come from this situation, or could come from this experience, for myself/others/the world?
* What positive qualities and traits have I discovered/developed/accessed/demonstrated in dealing with this challenge (that I can feel grateful for)?
* How can this situation open me to more love for myself, others and the world?

Much love,

Aine Belton

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