Surrendering brings remembering of your inherent wholeness,
as you let go and allow mergence with love’s ever presence.

Miranda Macpherson shares about the universal love that exists in each moment, the divine love at the fabric of your being and creation; the love that you are and that is ever there for you.

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Her beautiful piece takes you on a journey to unfold awareness of love’s presence, also highlighting some of what may stand in the way.

Miranda writes about our inherent nature, how we may forget that nature, and surrendering (including of limiting concepts about yourself and life) as a pathway to spiritual awakening. She also points to releasing the shackles of ego (what she terms “ego relaxation”) and what can help with that, all woven with a thread of acceptance.

With many levels and layers, her piece helps to dissolve fear, judgement, guilt and shame, and supports a leaning into trust and allowing in of love.

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Love’s Infinite Holding is an unconditional welcoming; a divine embrace that accepts and welcomes you in entirety, an embrace of boundless eternal love that meets every part of you with the truth of that love.

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You are loved beyond reasons, beyond seasons,
unconditionally, eternally, you are loved.

Reminders of love’s unconditional ever-presence can serve as a gateway during times you feel most separate, disconnected from, unloved/unlovable/unloving, forgetting of, or doubting of that love. Miranda’s share serves as a bridge.

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In tempestuous times finding sanctuary in love and sharing a sanctuary of love can be a gift to you and the world.

I love the openness of Miranda’s work which embraces many paths; she founded the “OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation” many years ago where she trained and ordained over 600 people.

For non-dual approaches to spirituality, life and love, Miranda has a “virtual sanctuary” at her website where you can download countless audio meditations, teachings, videos and articles.

Much love,

Aine Belton

The Universe’s love has existed for you always. You may forget this love, but this love will never forget you. You are loved totally and unconditionally by the love of creation, whatever name you hold for that. There’s nothing you need do to win that love, and nothing you can do to lose it.