In Divine Love, Love, Synchronicity

Love and sacred synchronicity not only weave through gaps in space and time,
they are the very fabric, the threads of magic, invisibly entwined;
the ever-present divine that rides the colours flowing from your heart and mind.

Sacred synchronicities continue with inspiration from Pierre Pradervand, author of “The Gentle Art of Blessings”.

Pierre said it was significant to hear from us when he did as he is soon to publish a new book founded in love in which he shares a mystical love experience. He kindly posts an account of that experience in advance of his book’s release below.

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In this remarkable excerpt Pierre describes how, whilst on an airplane, he had an all-encompassing experience of divine love which healed his dysentery and led to a whole bunch more in his being and life.

“Love is the ultimate reply to all and any problem, be it personal, social or a world issue. And you and I are one with that Love.” ~ Pierre Pradervand

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About 12 years ago I began having some experiences similar to what Pierre describes in his post. One of these particularly profound experiences lasted some hours during which my thinking ‘melted’. I was simply *aware*. That awareness was rapturous bliss and a love beyond words.

In Pierre’s excerpt he shares how his “ego disappeared” during his love-merging experience akin to above. This is also synchronistic as in the previous post on resistance to love shared not long before hearing from Pierre I mentioned how “the ego will resist love because the ego doesn’t want to disappear”.

So, beautifully timed, we are delighted to share this piece from Pierre on union with love; the love that is ever there for you, in you, of you… the love that you are and that is the true nature of reality.

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Much love,

Aine Belton

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