Love and blessings for the New Year ahead!

There is a collective energy when people globally open to the ‘new’. Whilst that new means different things to different people, there is a broad sense of opening nonetheless. That openness can be a space through which the ‘new’ can enter, perhaps first as energy/insight/inspiration/vision/desire/imagination/choice/possibility…. to then become grounded into reality.

That new can mean and be what you decide and allow it to. It can be a landscape to love, to paint and co-create, with chapters to write, or pre-written ones to step into, along with the unknown to unfold. Of course, everyday holds the opportunity for the new sourced from you, but the New Year holds a type of magic of its own.

Frequencies & Synchronicities

I had an experience recently I felt to share given the New Year.

I was driving in my car. I usually flick between 3 radio stations I have as pre-sets for songs to listen to. I noticed an unusual dance track playing I’d never heard before repeating the lyrics “Change the frequency”. I looked to see which of the 3 stations it was playing on but it was a different station altogether.

It got me reflecting on how we have pre-sets… of beliefs, patterns, tendencies, habits, grooves, comfort zones, thoughts, expectations… ways of being, doing, seeing and experiencing.

It also got me reflecting on frequency, and the nature of change.

Everything is energy. Energy is limitless. Energy is unending. Energy is transformable.

What first came up to share in relation to change was acceptance. Change of any kind isn’t about who you are right now being somehow not enough, wrong, defective, or in need of ‘fixing’. You already are all you could ever wish to be. All you are, and are becoming, exists within you. You are already whole and complete. And you are worthy of all good things just as you are right now. You don’t have to change and be something or someone other to be enough and deserving.

Acceptance, paradoxically yet naturally, brings change, not because it intends for change, but because what you accept you more easily let go of and release; it is what you resist, or judge, that persists.

Accept yourself ~ just as you are ~ right now.

As you accept parts of yourself, you become more integrated, and open, which includes openness to other frequencies of your being and existence.

There are countless ways to ‘shift your frequency’, both within (through meditation, opening your heart, spiritual practices, the resources of your consciousness, including thoughts, feelings, beliefs, imagination, intention, and so on), and without (through connection, music, conversation, exercise, nature, foods, herbs, crystals, essential oils… you name it).

Love is the most potent transformer; the love that is ever there for you, in you, and of you; the love that you are and ever is.

Let love embrace, imbue, nourish, heal, transform and renew.

Here are some reflections that arose.

Laying the past to rest

Letting go of whatever you wish to relinquish brings freedom, openness and renewal. Releasing what constricts you, be that mentally/emotionally/practically, creates the space for other ‘frequencies’ of your being and life to be experienced.

Depending, there may be phases of letting go, such as with grief, and allies to letting go, including acceptance, allowing, willingness, awareness, choice, forgiveness, being present, as examples.


I was recently listening to someone speak about ‘higher octaves of understanding’, and how they can change your frequency. Given the theme it felt like something to mention here.

Ever had an epiphany or new perspective change your energy and how you felt, either in general, or in relation to something, yourself, or life itself?

There can be paradigm shifts of awareness. Communication, openness and reflection can help with discovering and uncovering other levels of understanding.

I experienced this recently when a friend and I were discussing some similar-ish challenging life experiences. Through those exchanges I accessed more truth within, unveiled some blind-spots, and experienced an expansion of awareness.

Grace, openness and allowing

In the example of the radio experience there was a ‘change of frequency’ by grace, i.e. there was nothing I did for that new frequency, and song, to appear. It felt symbolic of how changing frequency doesn’t need to be hard, and can happen through openness and allowing.

The same goes with synchronicities in themselves; believing in and being open to them increases their existence, as with anything.

Wishing you a wonderful birth of 2018 and a year ahead allowing love to love you, move through you, over-brimming with your heart’s desires.

Much love and a big hug,

Aine Belton