Even with positive change there may be resistance. The below very beautiful share from Heather Allison helps with embracing, birthing and expressing ‘more of who you are’, and shedding resistance around that.

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Changes and shifts you experience within might also reflect without as new stories, chapters, directions, and experiences.

Whilst you might not always consciously resist change and ‘the new’, parts of you (your old self/hidden aspects/wounds/fears/your ego…) might do for any number of reasons. Be accepting, understanding and compassionate with yourself, period.

Heather offers some midwifery support.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/2018/01/blossoming

A quote floated by on Twitter that fits with part of last share’s theme of acceptance, which feels relevant with resistance too (as with anything).

We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses. ~ Carl Jung

Accepting your resistance ironically helps to dissolve it, but not because it intends to.

Resistance can show up in various ways, including avoidance, apathy, limiting self-talk, procrastination, unworthiness, drama, distractions, perfectionism, guilt, as a few examples. Inquiry into the what you are resisting, and why, as well as how, can shed light.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/2018/01/blossoming

Let’s take love as one example of various fears and resistances that may exist…

You may hold certain myths, stories and limiting beliefs about love, and fear associated negative consequences around love (hurt, loss, rejection, betrayal, abandonment, jealousy, neediness, dependency, humiliation…).

You may feel you don’t deserve love, or won’t be able to live up to love, or fear intimacy, commitment, or anything else (with possible fears beneath those fears). You may believe “love hurts” rather than “love heals” and so avoid it, and so on. The ego will also resist love because the ego doesn’t want to disappear.

Resistance versus Dissonance

There can be a difference between resistance, and what might instead be dissonance, oscillation, turbulence or chaos that may come with change. Things can get messy with change depending on the situation; there can be endings before beginnings, breakdowns before breakthroughs, shake ups to wake up, old foundations may collapse for new ones to be built, and so on.

‘Raising your vibration’, as Heather terms, can be like a centrifugation process where denser elements come to the surface, which could include a bunch of repressed and unconscious stuff surfacing before a re-birth experience.

That said, resistance could create turbulence in itself as part of resisting, yet to be aware of the possible differences between the two.

Divine Timing

What might also be seen as resistance could actually be divine timing at play, an intuitive pace of moving, and going with the flow.

Sometimes something doesn’t or isn’t happening because it doesn’t serve you for it be happening (even if you consciously think it does), which is different to you resisting it. Reflect on the blessings and what you gain from anything being the way it is in whatever area. Some resistance might be ‘healthy resistance’ that is taking into account a bigger picture of your soul’s path, consciously or otherwise.

We can experience ongoing metamorphic cycles in different areas of our being and lives, for example. Honouring those can be part of the rhythm of our soul’s journey.

Going with the flow might also be used as an excuse as part of resisting change, however! When a birth phase approaches, resistance can pop up. (So I’m sharing a bunch of perspectives as possibles for reflection).

Heather reminds us of the power of love and vulnerability to help us through any time of transition and allowing ourselves to fully be and express who we are.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/2018/01/blossoming

Much love,

Aine Belton