In Love

Love loves to love you. Let yourself be loved. Give yourself permission.
Let love love you, more fully, more deeply.

Wishing you a loving day however you’re spending it, whether celebrating Valentine’s or not, single or partnered.

You are loved more than you will ever know.

How are you this Valentine’s? Any beliefs, thoughts or feelings around love come up today? More on that further below.

You are so loved.

Where are you at with love right now? Are you feeling love, loved, or loving?
Are you wanting love… to love, to be loved, to feel love, to feel worthy of love, or more of any of the above?
Are you desiring to give/receive unconditional love, within you, or outside of you?
Do you believe that unconditional love is available and there for you… today… now… ever? Do you believe it is possible, or easy to experience or receive unconditional love?
Do you feel there’s something that needs to change or be different, that you need to change or be different, or that there’s something you need to do or be to experience that kind of love?

Wherever you’re at, lovingly accept that.

Love is the source of existence. Love is the source of YOU.

Within you lies a boundless unconditional love beyond words. Within you lies more love than you can ever fathom or comprehend. That love IS.

There is nothing you need ‘do’ for this love. This love is within you. You are loved totally and unconditionally, already.

There is nothing you need to get, or earn, or prove, or have, or be, or do, for that love to exist for you. That love IS, just as you are, right now.

You – the shadow and the light – all of you… you are loved, you are loveable.

Allow yourself to own and receive the love that you are, and the love that is ever there for you.

Give yourself the gift of radical compassion, which can serve as foundation and gateway to love. Pause for a moment to accept yourself totally. To let yourself just BE, as you are. Loved. As you are.

A Love Breath meditation is shared here:

Give yourself permission to receive whatever it is you currently need.

It is a simple meditation exercise you can explore for opening to receiving and giving love that is nourishing for the heart and energy field. You can also use it for receiving any quality or energy that you feel would support you.

Let love embrace, imbue, nourish, heal, transform & renew.

Much love,

Aine Belton

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