In Blessing, Water

Given the human body contains nearly 70% water, and about 75% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, playing with water co-creatively can bless our bodies, beings, and the world.

1. Water Blessing

Blessing water can be done with intention, thought and feeling. Sending love and/or gratitude into water is one simple way to ‘bless it’, for example (and bless yourself also if then drinking it). You can also send any otjer thoughts, feelings, wishes or prayers to water.

You can speak the thoughts and feelings into the water (with feeling), or imagine thoughts and feelings as energy or light flowing into water. You can place your hands directly around a glass of water and imagine love flowing from your heart, down your arms, and out of your hands into the water, for example.

The results of Masaru Emoto’s experiments have led people place positive words and affirmations on their water bottles, as these alone have been shown to influence the energy of water and its corresponding water molecule configuration.

You obviously radiate immeasurable more energy than a word on a piece of paper (it may even be the intention that goes into the writing of a word and placing it on a water container that has the effect), so I recommend taking a few moments to send water whatever quality you want to offer the water, yourself and the world, and if you’re going to drink the water, qualities you wish to bless yourself and your life with. You may want to use your hands to do so, imagining the qualities flowing from them, or just think and feel them directly towards the water, or visualize imagery, such as words or feelings as substance floating into the water in whatever way feels true to you.

You can also use sound to bless the water. You may want to sing lovingly to it, or chant a sacred mantra, or play beautiful music you resonate with to it, as it will hold the energetic patterning of whatever you send it.

If you are blessing water and drinking the water after, use purified water or Spring water.

2. Chakra Water Technique

Lie down and place a glass of water on your solar plexus (which is approximately 1 – 2 inches above your belly button). It doesn’t need to be full to the brim and do your best to lie still so as not to spill it. Now imagine flowing out of your solar plexus any constricting emotions you wish to let go of, be that fear, pain, anger, hurt, anxiety, or whatever flows out of this area that doesn’t feel good, whether you have a name for what that feeling is or not.

Once you have done so, you can give your thanks to that water, such as in  step 1, then throw it away/pour out the water, but NOT onto any plants! Flush it down the toilet or sink.

Then fill a glass with fresh drinking water and place the glass either on your heart chakra (roughly center of sternum bone), or Solar Plexus again if easier. Do whichever you feel intuitively most drawn to do.

This time send positive feelings and thoughts into the water, imagining them flowing from your heart or solar plexus into the water by feeling the feelings, perhaps as a light also, a sense of substance. Try to really get in touch with the positive emotions and send them into the water, whatever those are, be that love, joy, peace… whatever emotions you would like to experience or amplify in your life at this time.

Now drink this second glass of water and receive and integrate those feelings into your being which the water holds energetically. Those frequencies then get carried to your cells via the water.

2. Nature-Love Infused Drinking Water

You can add to any drinking water (Spring or at least purified filtered water for drinking) by blessing it with gifts of nature, which hold their own qualities and energies, be that flower petals, fresh lemon, orange, mint or cucumber, or a drop or two of an essential oil like Rose, Lavender, Mint or Neroli, to give it a hint of energy that you feel will serve you at a given time. You can also chant into the water as mentioned above, or speak loving words, as the energy of sound is very powerful. You may also want to enhance it with flower essences that bring beautiful vibrations into the water.

4. Water Love Bath & Energy Shower

As well as physical cleansing you can use water to love and cleanse yourself energetically.
A “Love Bath” recipe is shared in this post at this link.

You can also use water to cleanse your auric field. Try having a shower with the shower water also pointing away from your body to areas of the space within the 3 feet or so about your body. This can help to wash away ‘energy debris’ at the end of your day or before you go to bed whether you are consciously aware of that or not.

5. Intention with Water Cleansing

You can visualize while you are washing, whether that be your hands/the dishes/in the shower, and ask and imagine any unwanted energy/thoughts/feelings/stress being carried away by the water, flowing down the drain.

You can also do visualization meditation exercises without using physical water, such as imagining standing under a waterfall, or in a stream, or in the ocean, and imagining the water cleansing away anything you want to release, asking it to wash away “anything inappropriate to your consciousness” or whatever words feel true to you, as examples.

How can you serve water?

Any time you pass water, be that a lake, pond, stream, ocean, your glass of water on the table, you can send your love and gratitude to that water.

How blessed we are by this amazing beautiful element in our daily lives. Let’s love the waters of the world, and the waters in our blood and bodies and in one another.

We are all connected. Water is one of the greatest physical and energetic connectors of All on the planet.

Enjoy Pierre’s Blessing for Water shared in this post.


Aine Belton

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