International Women’s Day is an opportunity (as is any moment of any day), to honour women and the feminine, in the world, and in our ourselves, and the feminine principles that exist in all, irrespective of form (and gender). This project embodies a feminine approach and the love and wisdom from women that continue to co-create the experience and energy of this ‘space’.

A wave of honouring women’s rights continues to grow globally, coming more and more to the forefront (mainstream examples with accompanying hashtags like #metoo). Here’s to the continued awakening and deepening of love, respect, justice, equality and freedom for women, and the feminine.

This International Women’s Day I’m supporting my mother who recently had a hip replacement op. I just spent the weekend with her and my two sisters also as it was her Birthday. We got to be together, nurture our mother, and to witness her receiving, and enjoying and allowing that receiving (something she is not always comfortable with). Both being nurturing and receiving nurturing is a feminine experience, as is receiving per se.

I was going to explore some feminine principles in summary here. I am not finding the idea of writing summaries of feminine principles appealing right now, however. I realize that is because it doesn’t feel feminine to do so. It feels kind of rigid to create structured sets of potentially limiting definitions. It feels confining of what is not to be confined. Yet just feeling this I realize I am having an experience of the feminine. I am listening to my feelings, to what this experience in this moment feels like. That is the feminine. That I honour. That I celebrate. That I cultivate. That brings me a sense of substance and connection with myself and anything.

I am also aware of times and ways I don’t honour my feminine side, and beliefs, stories, conditioning, wounds, and family patterns connected with my relationship with the feminine.

How about you?
How are you with the feminine in your life at this time?
What diminishes, blocks, or stifles the feminine in you and your life?
What opens, nourishes and blossoms the feminine in you and your life?

Mothering, in whatever form (or gender) that takes, holds so many of the feminine principles that can gift ourselves, others and the world. The core essence of motherhood brings with it unconditional love. An unconditionally loving embrace exists for you always from the Divine. You can allow yourself to ‘be’ in and receive that all-encompassing loving embrace. (My previous share on Love’s Presence and Miranda McPherson’s post on Infinite Holding offers a reminder of the unconditional love that is ever there for you).

Some timeless insights into feminine principles are explored by Amy Peck, founder of the Goddess Studio, in her beautiful post on the Sacred Feminine here that integrates spiritual perspectives.

Here are some qualities of the feminine without definitions to allow those qualities to be as open as they can be to receive and reflect on in whatever way you experience them at this time (as always, only accept whatever feels true for you):

Being, feeling, receiving, intuition, flow, listening, reflection, nurturing, love, compassion, openness, vulnerability, empathy, collaboration, sensing, sensuality, mystery and the unconscious, surrender…

Perhaps you can think – and feel – many others, including some beyond words.

Through all manifestations of women, the Presence of Womanhood emanates as an energy to be experienced beyond any kinds of definitions and conscious understandings.

Lastly, below are some words from Amma (the “Hugging Mother” saint, as pictured above) shared over 15 years ago at a United Nations women’s conference:

“Women are the power and the very foundation of our existence in the world. When women lose touch with their real selves, the harmony of the world ceases to exist, and destruction sets in. It is therefore crucial that women everywhere make every effort to rediscover their fundamental nature. What today’s world really needs is cooperation between men and women, based on a firm sense of unity in the family and society. Wars and conflicts, all the suffering and lack of peace in the present-day world, will certainly lessen to a great extent if women and men begin to cooperate and support each other. Unless harmony is restored between the masculine and the feminine, between men and women, peace will continue to be no more than a distant dream.” ~ Amma

The feminine and masculine exist within all of us, and that balance and harmony begins within.