Today is World Water Day.

Water blesses us in so many ways daily, as well as keeping us alive. About 75% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and the human body contains nearly 70% water. How blessed we are by this amazing and beautiful element. Let’s love and bless the waters of the world, the waters in our blood and bodies, and in one another.

“5 Water Rituals to Bless Your Life” are shared here (which include both practical and energetic exercises):

“A Blessing for Water” was also just sent in to us from Pierre Pradervand, author of The Gentle Art of Blessing, which is shared below.

Clean safe water is not yet available for millions in this world. To support access to clean water (and water filters that can enable that), you can donate to charities such as Waterbearers and Charity Water as two examples via these links below:

World Water Day is an opportunity to be mindful about water, your relationship with it, what helps to preserve it, and what pollutes it.

On more ‘subtle’, yet significant and powerful levels, one of the gifts of the late Dr Masuru Emoto’s work with water was the demonstration of the impact of the vibration of thought, feeling and intention on water, made visible in the differing water crystal formations those generated. Water holds and resonates energy.

The implications of his findings continue to ripple on in his legacy. Here’s a photo of the pattern the energies of love and gratitude generated in a water crystal.

Beyond its physical necessity, water has been used for sacred purposes for aeons, not surprising given water’s capacity to hold energy. I’m blessed to have spent long periods in Bali where, as well as waterfalls, rivers and oceans, water is honoured with many temples built around water sites and Springs for blessings, purifications and ceremonies, at which the energy is tangible.

Enjoy “5 Water Rituals To Bless Your Life”!

A Blessing for Water
by Pierre Pradervand

75% of the planet’s surface and close to 70% of the human adult body is constituted of one of the most amazing substances ever created, possibly the most amazing on our planet – water. Just to list its main properties would easily cover two pages, so I will not even start! Yet humankind has been squandering, privatizing and polluting it at an amazing rate, so much so that at least 36 countries (2014) are under extreme stress in terms of water resources.

I bless myself and humanity in general in our wise use of this incredible gift of Providence.
I bless us in seeing that all life on the planet depends on it – and hence respecting it totally wherever it may be.
I bless us in our firm intention to pool our divine intelligence and immense resources of all sorts to devise ways to avoid squandering or polluting it needlessly….
I bless the scientists and others working to cleanse the oceans, lakes and rivers in their creativity that they may devise ever more efficient ways of protecting this God-given resource.
And I bless politicians everywhere that they awaken to the critical state of world water, choose to put this issue high up on their political agenda – and especially have the courage to exert maximum efforts to achieve this aim, whatever the political cost.

The above is an excerpt from Pierre’s forthcoming book 365 Blessings to heal myself and the world

Nature’s Love Bath

Enjoy this Love Bath recipe infused with gifts of nature.

Much love,

Aine Belton