In Mother Earth

For the Incredible Beauty of Creation By Pierre Pradervand

The incredible beauty of nature defies the wildest imagination. From the perfection of a tiny alpine flower no one will ever even see to the splendor of a star-studded summer’s night, through the intricate beauty of a seashell to the breathtaking harmony of a spider’s web, all this grandiose symphony has been laid out for our pure enjoyment.

Mistress of the universe, we bless You for the incredible perfection and splendor of the spectacle You have created for our constant rejoicing.

For the sheer miracle of a substance as mysterious and omnipresent as water to the rugged beauty of a mountain range, for the amazing functioning of  living  creatures and systems of all sorts that challenge our deepest knowledge to the constantly renewed abundance of Your goodness expressed in the  produce of the earth and seas, including the unbelievable variety and wisdom of the animal kingdom we have barely begun to grasp, we  bless You.

In front of the utter perfection and symmetry of every single flower, seashell, plant, crystalline rock, we stand in awe and bless You. For the century-old sequoia or oak trees in their majesty which sprang from a tiny grain or acorn to the rolling of the galaxies, for the magic of microbes and all other microorganisms to the silent communication systems between plants and between animals and plants, we bless the incredible Intelligence that runs this phenomenal show called the universe and fall on our knees in  utter awe.

Thank You, thank You, thank You for including us for our sheer enjoyment in this grandiose spectacle, the reason of which is beyond anything we could ever imagine.

And finally, may we be reminded that we are not spectators, but actors in this happening which is simply Your Boundless Love expressing Itself out of sheer joy. Daily we are Your dance of delight, Your pure goodness in ecstatic motion, Your holy choir.

Pierre Pradervand, from 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World.

Pierre Pradervand is a real citizen of the world. Of Swiss origin, during a long professional career of over 50 years he has traveled to over 40 countries of the 5 continents where he has either worked, studied, vacationed, traveled and lived. His whole life has been dedicated to striving for a win-win world that works for all, our only chance of survival as a civilisation, he believes, and a passion he shares with his wife Elly, who runs her own foundation for women’s and children’s rights (  He has worked in the field of sociological field research, program director in the field of international development (including 11 years in Africa), international consultant, founder of a highly successful grass roots magazine in Africa, writer (over 16 books in 15 languages, see: and, for the past 25 years, trainer in the fields of personal development and spirituality. He is also an independent celebrant. His emphasis in the spiritual field is on a renewed manner of blessing, a form of blessing that heals as numerous testimonies on his blessing website show (

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