In Anxiety

Listen for the voice of love in the crowded house of mind,
soft it speaks yet endless are the echoes of this treasured find.

Corinne Zupko, author of “From Anxiety to Love”, shares an excerpt that demonstrates some of the healing principles in her wonderful book, which freed her from a fear-gripped life.

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One thing Corinne highlights is the difference between the voice of your ego and the voice of your Inner Therapist, who she explains is the “link back to remembering our Loving Source”. (You may have another name for that Inner Therapist, be that Inner Wisdom, Loving Self, Higher Self, Soul, God Self… you name it).

Corinne includes examples of ways the ego versus your Inner Therapist might respond to certain situations in your life, which encourages reflection on your everyday inner dialogue and opening to loving guidance.

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“By choosing to listen to your Inner Therapist instead of the ego, you can repurpose every experience you go through in this theme park, changing it from an attempt by the ego to keep you asleep into an effort by the Inner Therapist to help you wake up.” ~ Corinne Zupko

I love Corinne’s reminders for everyday awareness and the principles she shares to support that.

Corinne’s work is an invitation for waking up to love grounded in everyday life experiences and examples.

Let life be a journey of awakening and remembering the love that you are.

In this excerpt Corinne shares a personal ‘unpeaceful’ experience with a friend where she paused to open to guidance from her Inner Therapist before responding.

You can find out what the voice of her Inner Therapist shared and the difference that made in her post.

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Corinne’s inspiration brings in wisdom around judgment (which fits in with our recent share on the topic), and defensiveness too, offering ways through with higher perspectives.

Those perspectives open you to love and resolutions, whether that be for a conflicting situation with someone you know and are wanting to reconcile with, or a person or situation you are wanting to let go of and find closure with.

One of the gems she unveils is awareness around the trap of righteousness and compassion for what may lie beneath a need to be right or prove a point.

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Corinne writes “Waking up from the dream of anxiety is a gentle, gradual, and loving process.” Her inspiration isn’t about being flawed for having anxiety, it is about expanding awareness around anxiety and opening to love, healing insights and understanding for transformation.

Wherever you’re at with anxiety… accept yourself ~ just as you are ~ right now.

Corinne’s work is woven with referenced teachings from A Course In Miracles, which offers openings to love, the true loving nature of your being and reality, and freedom and empowerment through responsibility.

Anxiety can have various roots. Trauma can lead to anxiety, such as with PTSD. In these cases, awareness of and healing trauma can obviously help, which may be a process.

Either way, the insights in Corrine’s book offer healing pathways for freedom from anxiety and allowing more love into your being and life.

One thing that’s coming up to share is the anxiety that can exist around change of any kind. That anxiety might not be conscious and can show up as resistance (a topic explored here earlier this year).

I have some changes coming up. I’m not feeling anxiety around those that I am aware of at this time, yet I am aware of some resistance, so there could be some hidden anxiety, or something else causing that resistance.

Resistance in any area can serve as a signpost for reflection on possible fears, hidden beliefs, thoughts, doubts, anxiety, and so on, which you can face, learn from, and move through.

Anxiety isn’t ‘bad’. It is communicating something. Be open and understanding with yourself about that communication, and communication from the voice of love within.

Corinne’s work serves as a balm and transformational lighthouse. Enjoy this excerpt from her book!

Much love,

Aine Belton
You can watch a trailer for her book at her webpage:

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