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In the previous post, The Guilt Trap, I mentioned that a photo of a hummingbird ‘called out’ to add with the post and why I felt that was. Two days later at a group singing event the woman next to me was wearing a T-Shirt with a hummingbird on it:

A few days later I saw my friend with her mother who was wearing a top covered in hummingbirds.

Given the previous mention of animal totem messages and these synchronicities following on I felt to share more on the subject.

Animals are wonderful allies, not just physically, but spiritually also. Obviously when it comes to connecting with nature and animals, connect as intimately as you can in nature’s environment; spend time in nature and with animals. You can also enjoy and connect with the qualities, ‘messages’ and archetypal energies of an animal, and receive and integrate those gifts and blessings into your being and life, in other areas of your everyday life.

You might notice a theme of a certain animal repeatedly appearing over a period, for example. This obviously doesn’t need to be limited to an animal you see literally – there are only so many animals you are likely to bump into strolling about. You might do so in other ways, such as on a leaflet, a magazine, in a dream, floating by on social media, on a sticker, a T-shirt… and so on.

You can also do a meditation to open to a particular animal and see if one intuitively comes to mind and appears, visualizing being in a place in nature as a setting for the meditation and being open to an animal meeting you, for example.

I had the Bee showing up recently as another example. One landed on me, one flew in the house, a friend showed me a Bumble Bee ornament gift someone had just bought her, I was watching someone’s live video a bumble bee joined in on, and I saw a couple of posts float by on social media about bees and their meanings, all within a short space of time.

I have found there are always relevant meanings, qualities and supportive messages significant to the period an animal may ‘show up’ during.

You can explore and connect with the qualities of an animal in any number of ways. You might simply like to reflect on what those qualities are, or write down any attributes that come to mind. You can do a meditation to meet the animal, receive its qualities and see if you receive any more insights. You can research the animal in general, and look up the spiritual meaning of the animal online or in books on Animal Spirit Medicine. Other names include animal guides, animal totems and animal helpers.

Exploring the gifts of the animal kingdom can be a fun way of living magically and co-creatively in harmony with nature and yourself.

I saw this quote that summarizes this natural intuitive way of working with animals:

“You can have several animal guides throughout your life. Sometimes an animal guide will come into your life for a short period of time, and then be replaced by another depending on the journey or direction you are headed toward. Animal guides can also help you reconnect with nature by reminding you that we are all interconnected.” – Cherokee Billie

Connecting with animal allies in any way, shape or form can help with deepening your intimacy, love, respect, and appreciation for the animal kingdom.

There are many other ways to explore the messages, meanings, and metaphors present in your everyday reality. If you are open to the idea that your reality is not a random separate occurrence and is interrelated with your consciousness, that it is rich in meaning and significance, that it can reflect and relay information, then ‘decoding your reality’ can be an insightful experience to explore and enjoy.

Much love,

Aine Belton

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