Pierre Pradervand, author of The Gentle Art of Blessing, shares some poignant reflections on the interrelated nature of us all in “You Are Me and I Am You”.

In this post he brings home the concept of how anyone’s transformation can impact the everyone, with examples. Pierre also shares some key approaches and processes to support paradigms of oneness and an “easy way to uplift world consciousness”.

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We are all joined by the same universal consciousness.” ~ Pierre Pradervand

If you believe everything is connected, are open to non-dual perspectives, the effects of resonance, morphogenic fields, collective consciousness, microcosms of the macrocosm, and so on, this notion won’t be new to you. Reminders can be valuable.

I remember a talk many years ago by spiritual teacher Chuck Spezzano who, speaking of the principle of the interrelated oneness of all, gave an example of how one person forgiving another might show up as a water spring appearing in a drought area on the other side of the world. Whether literal or metaphoric, that concept and image always stayed with me.

Pierre’s new book “365 Blessings To Heal Myself and The World” is released June 29.

Each of us is intended to be a blessing to all the earth: the animal world,
the vegetable world, the mineral world, the human world.” ~ Joel S. Goldsmith

The more I reflect on and experience the nature of Pierre’s work, the more profound I find it to be. Unsurprisingly, this practice of blessing has received many healing testimonies, as shared at his website.

That blessing can be sending love, prayers and a heart-felt well-wishing of any nature to anyone, including yourself, as well as someone you may have a grievance towards (Pierre cites a personal example of which in his post).

It is feeling that makes it real. If you’re not feeling it (whatever that ‘it’ is – forgiveness, well-wishes, love, blessings), as shared in a recent post, “Allow yourself to feel whatever’s there to be felt for processing.” Feeling feelings frees feelings, as does acceptance.

You can open to a feeling and energy you wish to share and use blessing as a vehicle for that.

Pierre’s work offers unifying pathways of living and loving that can open you to more of all that you are and all the love and blessings the universe ever wishes to bestow.

The title of his post reminds me of an experience I had many years ago with my boyfriend at the time. We were driving back from a weekend away together discussing a pattern of his that was triggering me. I was aware of the concept of projection, but I just couldn’t see this pattern in me.

Some time later I noticed the number plate of the car in front had “I AM U” on it. I pointed it out to him laughing at being busted by the universe. I then got it. I saw how I did have the same pattern, but in a different life area. I then also got to reflect on what lay behind that pattern, which led to more understanding for my partner.

Go to: www.globalloveproject.com/2018/06/you-me-i-you

With respects to ‘shadow work’, there can be complexity with regards to what you are experiencing in your reality. Life is not dichotomous, and neither are you. There can be a multitude of reasons why something ‘negative’ shows up, which might include your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, stories and patterns, an opportunity for awareness/healing/letting go, past-life influences, ego agendas, old wounds, soul-level challenges, family patterns, blessings in disguise, as a few examples. Similarly, there can be a multitude of reasons why something ‘positive’ manifests.

Whether you ever have any idea why something happens or not, beyond the duality of experiences exists the everlasting love at the heart of your being and creation. That love joins all.

Much love,

Aine Belton