By Pierre Pradervand

(Pierre’s previous post “A Mystical Love Experience” is shared at this page).

More and more we are witnessing how an ever-growing number of people are developing an awareness that we are linked in a manner that goes far beyond anything we ever dreamed of.

In this exciting new vision, every progress I make for myself, I make for the whole world. Every polio or cancer patient who overcomes his or her disease through active participation in the healing process helps all others afflicted with the same disease on the whole planet. Every time you replace hatred with love, overcome your nagging desire for the umpteenth ‘last’ drink, replace your usual biting retort to your companion with silence or – why not – kindness, you are helping all those on the planet struggling with the same challenge, be it in an infinitesimal manner. Which drop of water constituting an ocean is unimportant? The longest mile is made up of many inches, and each one brings us closer home, brings us closer, as a race and as individuals, to the realization that, whatever the present aggressive material appearances to the contrary, there is only one infinite Mind running the show. We are all motivated by the same infinite Love that gave birth to us all; we are joined by the same universal consciousness. As Mary Baker Eddy, an American metaphysician of the last century wrote: ‘The divine understanding reigns, is all, and there is no other consciousness.’

We can all be agents of positive change

My Texan friend and teacher Roger McGowen spent 25 years on death row Texas for a crime we know he never committed. Every progress he makes towards forgiving his jailors helps all the other innocents on death row USA and elsewhere worldwide to step closer towards forgiveness. Every Anita Moorjani who writes about their NDE (near death experience) with a powerful vision of divine love and everlasting life helps people all round the world overcome their fear of punishment and death.

Every single one of us can become an agent of positive change by focusing thought in a certain manner. I will illustrate this by two examples. The first one is striving for win-win solutions in every single area of one’s life. The old, fatigued win-lose model which has dominated so much of human existence in so many areas, especially the economy, will have to disappear for us to survive as a race. The world is far too interconnected to be able to survive on the basis of the paleolithic, Darwinian model of relations. In every single area of our lives, each of us can start striving for win-win relations, from the use of our time to spending money, adjusting our schedules so that they work out for every member of the family or colleagues at work to our respect for the environment. In societies that are so dominated by money, tithing for instance can be a most exciting and even fun method of managing money in a win-win manner.

An easy way to uplift world consciousness

The second one is the practice of blessing. It is one of the simplest and easiest manners of uplifting world consciousness. There is hardly a moment in life during which it is not possible to bless. In the street, on the bus or underground, at work, at home with your companion or family, your silent blessings will uplift and heal. We live in a world where large numbers of our contemporaries feel completely powerless when contemplating the challenges facing the human race. The practice described above offers extraordinary encouragement to every single individual who wishes to undertake something meaningful to help create a saner world.

Every single progress we make, we make for the whole world – because you are me and I am you.

There is such a need in the world today of the most tender and immense compassion and deeper, more unselfed caring and giving, and blessing is one simple and efficient way of doing it. It is also an amazing tool for learning instantaneous, unconditional forgiveness, a practice upon which, given our dramatic divisions in the world, our survival as a race literally depends.

Practiced with perseverance and total sincerity, it will enable you to reach that magical inner freedom from resentment the great American mystic of the last century, Joel Goldsmith, described when he wrote that no one could enter his consciousness who needed to be forgiven, because he had already forgiven them seventy times seven.

The Art of Blessing

When I speak of blessing, I mean that spontaneous out-flowing of compassion from the heart which surrounds one’s neighbor with the most caring tenderness, and not some liturgical or ecclesiastical practice.

Personally, I cannot observe the slightest form of suffering in another human being or animal without immediately and spontaneously blessing the being concerned. It has become an automatic reflex of the heart.” Not owning a car, I use public transport a great deal and it is such a precious space to practice blessing. If I see a raving drunkard, I will bless him in his peace and deep inner contentment. If I see someone who looks deeply depressed, I will bless them in their quiet joy, hope and serenity. If I see someone who is lame or physically handicapped, I will bless them in their uprightness and well-being. I spontaneously bless all smokers in their deep inner contentment, because to consciously puff at something that is going to probably shorten your life there must be some hidden dissatisfaction that motivates you to do so.

Some time ago I received a phone call from someone telling me he was from the Apple-Windows office in London and that I had problems with my computer (an area where I am a paleolithic Neanderthalian). Suddenly I see his mouse moving on my computer screen and he starts a whole discourse in computerese and after 30 minutes asks me for $150. To make a long story short, after paying with my bank card I immediately phoned my webmaster who told me I had been ignominiously scammed. In the end, I had to change my whole system, and it cost me about $500.

Well, the very instant I realized I had been deceived I started blessing the man. There was not a second of resentment. I felt such deep compassion for the man: how could he ever reach happiness tricking people all round the globe eight hours a day? And that blessing continued for weeks.

There are many, many more reasons to bless. The practice is so simple and can have such a profound impact, as the many healing testimonies we have received share (posted at the Gentle Art of Blessing website here).

Pierre’s new book, 365 Blessings To Heal Myself and The World“, a follow on from his best-selling “The Gentle Art of Blessing”, is now available for pre-order on Amazon and other outlets. This book helps you learn to bless situations and people as you go through the day and add joy and presence to your existence.

Pierre Pradervand is a real citizen of the world. Of Swiss origin, during a long professional career of over 50 years he has traveled to over 40 countries of the 5 continents where he has either worked, studied, vacationed, traveled and lived. His whole life has been dedicated to striving for a win-win world that works for all, our only chance of survival as a civilisation, he believes, and a passion he shares with his wife Elly, who runs her own foundation for women’s and children’s rights (  He has worked in the field of sociological field research, program director in the field of international development (including 11 years in Africa), international consultant, founder of a highly successful grass roots magazine in Africa, writer (over 16 books in 15 languages, see: and, for the past 25 years, trainer in the fields of personal development and spirituality. He is also an independent celebrant. His emphasis in the spiritual field is on a renewed manner of blessing, a form of blessing that heals as numerous testimonies on his blessing website show (