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Are there types of things you tend to feel cynical about?
Do you know when you’re being cynical?
What does cynicism feel like, either coming at you, or from you?

Cynicism can be a form of projected self-doubt.

Watch what people are cynical about and one can often discover what they lack. ~ George S. Patton

It can also be connected with hidden anger and rage, and other emotions around that, as well as judgement and its hidden agendas and projections.

Cynicism is not the same as skepticism. Skepticism can be healthy at times in the sense of questioning and inquiry and being open to viewpoints. Cynicism isn’t open, however, it is blinkered. Don’t judge it, just be aware of it.

Cynicism feeds pessimism, though it may call that ‘realism’. It is a warped lens that seeks out faults/flaws/’wrongness’ in whatever area to fuel itself.

Allow life’s grace and the love that is ever there for you. Be open to possibility, and other ways of experiencing yourself, life and others. Don’t let cynicism or doubt, from within or without, dim your light, knock your faith or dull what you value.

Cynicism can also surface with resistance. One way to push something away is to be cynical about it. Ever had someone be a certain way to you and be cynical about it? Ever been a certain to someone and experience them being cynical about it? Cynicism can be an attempted defense, perhaps used to ‘protect you’, or your ego, yet one that blocks truth, love and receiving.

If subconsciously you are frightened of love or a perceived negative consequence around love (for any of the reasons mentioned in the post on resistance earlier this year, for example), you may be cynical of love, consciously or otherwise.

You might not always know what you’re cynical about, and you may believe the stories your cynicism tells you keeping you blind to it.

Be conscious of cynicism if it is there, and reflect on and take ownership of what it may be highlighting within.

If you’re cynical about something you might want to look at what you’re angry about, or afraid of, beneath cynicism, and process that (without dumping it on another).

Anger isn’t bad or wrong it is how it is managed. It can be harnessed for standing in your truth and power, for example, yet when it gets repressed it can become toxic and leak out sideways or get projected out. Rage can stem from feelings of powerlessness (and what may lie behind those feelings), and again, when not processed, can leak out, or be internalized and show up in other ways, cynicism one example.

Own your power, take it back from anything or anyone you may have given it to. Power has nothing to do with control. Control stems from fear and feelings of powerlessness and resists love as love melts control.

Much love,

Aine Belton