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Following on with the inter-relatedness of all, Charles Eisenstien’s principles of the “Story of Interbeing” from his book “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible” are shared in the post below.

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These principles highlight our interconnectedness, and honouring diversity in all its forms, and in all life on earth.

Nature shows us this interrelationship very clearly. When you effect any one species it can have a ripple effect on the environment and other species.  Populations of bees and butterflies have been declining in some areas, for example, because of habitat loss, pesticides, pathogens, pollution, and so on, which can bring a risk to plant, fruit and veg life, and species that live off those.

The butterfly effect is another example of how a small change in one area can lead to a larger one in another. Termed in chaos theory, this was observed initially in weather conditions with reference to the potential impact of a butterfly flapping its wings. Because everything is connected there can be cumulative effects, boomerang ones also.

As Charles shares in his principles of the New Story of Interbeing:

“Every act is significant and has an effect on the cosmos.”

One ‘small’ choice in whatever area can ripple out and on, and lead to whole other realities and possibilities.

We are united through both our sameness and our differences. A heightened awareness of our unity can occur during times of tragedy, the recent missing boys in caves in Thailand being one example, with help coming forth from many countries as part of the rescue efforts. That collaboration made all the difference..May that be in all situations.

Charles speaks of the value of diversity referencing the different gifts we have come to bring, and encouraging the sharing of those.

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Your talents are gifts on loan in this life that may help other people with their life.
Give of your gifts, receive of others’.

Giving and receiving is an integral part of a Story of Interbeing. This happens naturally with the honey bee and a flower who experience a reciprocal give-receive relationship.

Listening to yourself and sensing what resonates can help you discover and uncover both your gifts and the rhythms and dances of relationship in whatever life area.

Sharing your gifts is akin to sharing your notes and melodies that together co-create the larger symphony of the whole. Those gifts may not be just the more obvious things that stand out visibly or definably. Your energy itself brings gifts.

Your presence alone is a gift.
Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, be there.

You may not recognize your gifts. A butterfly doesn’t see the colours of its wings, yet it shares them when it spreads it flies nonetheless, just as a bee spreads pollen.

Perhaps your gifts are unusual, or perhaps they are very ordinary. We may not only have different gifts and qualities to share, we may give in different ways, and on different levels, and at times be in more of a position to give of something than another. That giving and receiving is to include yourself too; self-love and self-care are foundations for capacities of giving and receiving of any kind.

Charles, and his book “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible” allows the old Story of Separation to fall away so that we can stand firmly in a new Story of Interbeing.

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That includes the interbeing within ourselves. We have many different traits and aspects, and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Holism is to be honoured within, as without.

Your relationship with yourself relates to your world also. If you want healthy rivers, be aware of your own inner ones also, for example, be those mental, emotional, or the waters in the blood of your veins.

Sound is another parallel. A song can include many different notes, chords, instruments, rhythms, lyrics, voices, and so on, which together co-create a synergy beyond the sum of any individual parts. Accord, or discord, comes from relationships of sounds, or anything, in harmony with each other, or not. Ultimately, all notes exist within you. You are already whole.

Check out Charles’ 9 principles of the Story of Interbeing at the link below:

Much love,

Aine Belton

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