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Turmeric is pretty freaking cool. It has been claimed to be the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory food we have found. Some people take ibuprofen and others eat turmeric.

This beautiful root is healthy for everyone, but especially for any who have an autoimmune disease.

Shots, shots, shots, shot, shots…

I’m suggesting turmeric shots instead of juices because juices, even natural fruit ones, can have a lot of sugar in them. Too much natural sugar isn’t always good for your body.


-1 turmeric root

-2 slices from an orange

(add some cayenne if you’re feeling wild)

Blend away!

My name is Taylor Comeau and I am a professional athlete in the NWSL. I’m also a host of the autoimmune disease psoriasis. Food and health are apart of my day to day life. While food was always viewed as fuel in my life as an athlete, I have also seen it as medicine due to my psoriasis. Find out more at my website.

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