Bali has just been hit by an earthquake, Greece is in grief and recovery, Sweden,  California and Portugal are having wild fires.

As well as the many lives lost and injured, the earthquake in Bali has also effected tens of thousands of homes. Some NGOs and community members funding campaigns for the Lombok earthquake are at this page. There may be various other websites for fundraising also if you search around, as for Greece also.

How to make a Bali Blessing Offering, the traditional natural offerings the Balinese use daily is shared at the page below, which can be used for sending out love and prayers to Bali and anywhere in the world. These offerings reflect the way the Balinese live their life, which is inspiring in so many ways. They are placed out several times a day in their gardens, homes, temples, streets, and even their vehicles, holding an intention of the energy of blessing and thankfulness.

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You obviously don’t need anything physical to send out love and prayers, and you can do a simple prayer process with a candle, a flower, or whatever you wish.

Much love,

Aine Belton