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Note: This example is not as intricate nor the same as the traditional Bali offerings which can include dipping the flowers in holy water. You can search online for videos and more insight.

Blessing offerings, known as canang sari in Bali, are an integral part of daily living for the Balinese, the majority of whom are Hindu.

These offerings/blessings are made with reverence, crafted out of natural materials. A simple offering might include a few inches square of a green leaf of a plant (like a banana leaf) holding a small amount of rice, flowers and tofu/fish (obviously not if veggie), and some incense. These are placed on their temples, in their gardens and around the home in thankfulness, holding an intention of the energy of blessing and connection to source before the offering is set down.

Below is a simple way to make a version of one you can explore. This is not in any way as intricate as the Bali offerings which can include dipping the flowers in holy water, so feel free to search for more insight. You may want to take a walk in nature and see what you find to use.

Begin with a square of banana leaf for which to add your offerings to (or another leaf if you can’t get hold of banana leaf).

Add your natural offering items. These might include some rice, flowers (traditionally these would be with 3 colours white, red and green that represent the 3 Hindu Gods) and anything else you wish to add.

When your offering is finished and placed where you wish it to be, sitting or standing light a stick of incense with intention (you may also like to light a candle or use a candle instead), then open to love and spend some moments sending that out and any wishes, prayers, and blessings.

In Bali each of the 3 coloured flowers is held to honour each of the 3 Hindu Gods; traditionally white lime for Shiva, a red betel nut for Vishnu, and a green Gambier plant for Brahma. The Balinese hold the petals of the flowers of each colour when giving thanks to the Gods.

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