Grace is allowing the universe to bless your life and allowing love to work its magic.

One way grace shows up is with synchronicity, yet it may show up in other less obvious or pretty ways. Some of your challenges may bring gifts whether realized at the time or not, and facing wounds and whatever surfaces within can bring love to those parts and create an opening for grace.

Loving yourself is being present with yourself wherever you’re at and allowing that so love can be with that.

Below are 5 areas around grace, ending with gratitude.


The more you realize that you are eternally one with an all-loving intelligent source, the more you may be open to the blessings that are ever there for you.

Synchronicities are like the universe
gently stroking your face with the hand of grace.


Synchronicities can help you ‘waken to the dream’, lifting the veils of illusion. You are one with the Source of Life, whatever name you hold for that, which ever supports you.

Know You Are Loved

You are loved beyond reasons, beyond seasons,
unconditionally, eternally, you are loved.

The Universe’s love has existed for you always. You may forget this love, but this love will never forget you. You are loved totally and unconditionally, ever and always.

Love is the source of existence. Love is the source of YOU. Within you exists a boundless unconditional love beyond words, more love than you can ever fathom or comprehend. That love ever IS.

Know you are loved. Let yourself be loved by love, and love yourself just as you are right now.

Love yourself not just for ‘who you are’, but because you are – that you exist.
The love of existence itself is you.

Letting Go/Surrender

Letting go creates the space for receiving. Surrendering allows you to get out of your own way and allow grace in whatever form it takes.

Surrendering brings remembering of your inherent wholeness
as you let go and allow mergence with love’s ever presence.
Give yourself permission to receive whatever it is you currently need.

Receiving is often regarded as something you do in response to a gift, yet being open to receive in itself can allow ‘gifts’ to appear in your reality and the universe’s grace and blessings that are ever wanting to be bestowed.

You can open to and familiarize yourself with the energy of receiving. What does it feel like to receive? Notice when you receive something, do you let it in? Or do you deflect, deny or resist it? Allow yourself to receive. The above and below both help with that.


In appreciating and feeling grateful for something you allow it in and receive it, as well as give to it from your heart. It is a natural exchange of giving and receiving energies.

Whenever you feel grateful, you get to experience the qualities you feel grateful for all over again.

Your gratitude doesn’t just stay with you,
it reaches out to touch and bless those you feel grateful for too.

Let your gratitude flow.