In Trust

Trust came to mind to share about, so I’m trusting that.

It may seem easier to trust at certain times or in certain situations or with certain people.

What about trust when life throws you a curve ball, when you feel doubtful/confused/betrayed/fearful/when something or someone doesn’t feel trustworthy…?

And with self-trust… ever notice times or areas your self-trust wavers, why, and how that shows up?

Firstly, don’t seek trust to ‘fix’, bypass, numb, coat over or avoid your feelings. Allow yourself to feel whatever’s there to be felt for processing. Honour your humanness, be honest and intimate with yourself, accept yourself just as you are, and take responsibility for your being and life.

Trust is an opening and generating energy.

You can always trust… something.

You can trust love.
You can trust the All Loving Infinitely Intelligent Universe/God-Goddess/Loving Presence.
You can trust your heart.
You can trust whomever and whatever you wish or feel drawn to trust.
You can trust the resources of your mind, heart and spirit (trust being one).
You can trust that you are loved, guided and supported every step of your journey.
You can trust in a bigger picture, whether you have any idea of what that is or not.
You can trust truth.
You can trust that you are, always have been, and always will be, enough.
You can trust your loveability.
You can trust the everlasting beyond the veils of illusion.
You can trust in who and where you are right now.
You can trust your intuition.
You can trust that it’s OK to make a mistake.
You can trust trust itself.
You can trust that the universe trusts you.

You can lean into trust and get a sense of it. How do you feel when you trust? Experience and get in touch with the energy of trust.

What can help with trust?
Acceptance, love, responsibility, surrender, flow, as a few examples.

Acceptance and love include fully embracing yourself, without judgement.

Wherever you’re at, lovingly accept that.

What can stand in the way of trust?
Fear, control, victimhood, doubt, perfectionism, blame, as examples.

By trusting I’m not talking about naivety, trusting where it feels inappropriate to trust, or pretending to trust what you do not trust or do not believe is trustworthy.

Listen to your feelings with trust. Get in touch with the energy of trust and what trust feels like to you, see where and how you wish to apply it and allow trust to support you. With where and why you don’t trust, you can explore beliefs, patterns and stories around that for reflection.

You can trust in a loving universe that is ever on your side. You can relinquish control and allow yourself to be carried along a river of trust and flow.

Trust in yourself, your love, and the love the universe has for you.
Trust in your heart, your hunches, and what feels true.

Much love,

Aine Belton

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