* 7 health benefits of kale are shared in this post.

One easy and quick way to get some raw kale into your diet is with this delicious vegan pesto recipe.
This magic green paste takes around 5 minutes to make with a blender, and is humming with goodness; nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and health-promoting compounds that will make you glow, as well as add delicious flavour to anything eaten with.

• 1 ½ cups torn kale leaves (no stems) + ½ cup of parsley
• Juice of 1 lemon
• 1-2 cloves garlic
• ¼ to ½ cup raw almonds
• Sea salt to taste
• Paprika to taste

Additions/Variation Options:

  • Use Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts or seeds such as sunflower, hemp or pumpkin seeds instead of, or in the mix with, almonds.
  • Add some seeded fresh chilli for extra bite (be mindful of how hot your chilli is and add accordingly).
  • Blend in other herbs instead of, or aside, the parsley, such as basil, for different herb flavour.
  • Add some spinach along with the kale as part of your 1 ½ cups if you wish.

• Pulse everything other than the nuts in a food processor until smooth.
• Add the almonds and blend until the almonds are ground to preferred consistency.
• Serve with anything!