In Unconditioned Self

There is a you beyond your conditioned personality self. This ‘other you’, sometimes referred to as the Higher Self, can be seen as the aspect of your consciousness closest to Source; the eternal spiritual being that you are beyond your current awareness and identity.

This you exists beyond space and time and the confines of this third dimensional reality, and is the ‘overseer’ of your multi selves – past, present and future, conscious and subconscious.

Your Higher Self is more loving and wise than anything you could imagine. It knows all you have been, all you are now, and all you are becoming, in this life-time and others, and is aware of the countless possibilities available for you and that which will serve you optimally.

You are loved more than you will ever know.

Your Higher Self knows you inside out and loves you totally and unconditionally. Its love and vast perspectives can gift your life, lift the veils and limits of your personal beliefs and limited understandings, and bring truth and light to even the darkest times and areas.

You can connect and communicate with this ‘you beyond you’ and receive its love, guidance, healing and support.

You can ask for help and be open and willing to receive it. Your Higher Self loves and respects you too much to ever force anything upon you. It is, however, ever ‘at your side’ (and inside), whether you are aware of that presence or not, and always willing and desiring to help in unending ways.

Your Higher Self can communicate with you in any number of ways. Your intuition and subtle senses can be gateways to receive its insights.

Meditation creates fertile ground for the voice of your higher self to be heard. When your conscious mind is quiet and stilled space is created for insight, knowing, and inspiration to be received, as well as a balancing and realignment of your energy. Getting off the hamster wheel of your ‘monkey mind’ with its tape-loops of thoughts, feelings, and programs, allows space for truth to be awakened to and more of the true self to be experienced.

The wisdom of your higher self is sourced in love, will optimally serve you, and reaches beyond the confines of your conditioned mind. It is the golden compass that points ever towards the truth of who you are, your optimum path, the true nature of reality, and the love at the heart of All.

When you connect to this vaster you, the unlimited divine being that you are, you become aware not only how immeasurably loved you are, but that all necessary resources exist within you.

Meditation to Connect with your Higher Self

1. Relax, close your eyes, and enter a meditative state in whatever way works for you. Calm your mind and get into a still, quiet, and deeply relaxed space.

2. When deeply relaxed, imagine a place in nature in your mind’s eye. This could be somewhere you’ve been to before, or somewhere entirely new, created by your imagination, whether that be an ocean beach, forest grove, bank of a riverside, garden, meadow, or mountain top, as examples.

If visualization isn’t your thing, just get in touch with a sense of it, a feeling or idea of it; it’s your intention that matters most.

Make this place as vivid as possible by engaging all of your senses. Try to see any sights you can in detail, smell the air, feel the breeze against your face, and the ground beneath you, reach out and touch something and make it real, or just FEEL the presence of this place in your heart.

3. Now allow your Higher Self to come to you. For this, you can have them appear as a human being, seeing them walking towards you. They can adopt a human form to better interact with you for relationship. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re just imagining it; your imagination is a powerful platform to help co-create the experience, and the energy of your Higher Self can come and be with you.

4. Imagine your Higher Self walking towards you. See the love in their eyes, and experience them reach out their hands to embrace you. Feel that embrace. Allow yourself to be received by them and to receive them.
However vividly or vaguely you experience this ‘other you that is  you’, know that they are there and have come to be with you. Just be open to their presence.

If you find it easier, you may want to imagine them as a shimmering light of some kind (such as spherical or oval in shape, or whatever resonates with you). Allow that light to wrap around and embrace you in its love.

5. Now together, you can spend some time with your Higher Self. You can open to healing, inspiration and guidance. You may want to just sit with them and receive their love. You may have some questions to ask, in which case see if you hear a reply, or if an awareness, image, a sense of knowing or thoughts arise. If more visually inclined, you might imagine your Higher Self with some paper or a white-board or book and see them drawing or writing down pictures or words.

Just be open and explore. If you experience little or nothing consciously, that’s OK, just know that they are there for you and love you totally and unconditionally. You can make an intention to open to this love.

You can also lie down in this place in nature in your mind’s eye and ask your Higher Self to heal you. You may see or sense them placing hands over or upon areas of your body, or light or energy moving. You may feel emotions or thoughts move through you. You may sense nothing it all, which is also fine. Just be open to receive this healing and allow whatever occurs at a more subtle level.

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