Love is the ultimate healer and transformer.  A cliche, but for good reason; love not only can change our world, love does and is changing our world.

Love lies at the heart of who we are, and a separation from it at the root of our troubles and pain. It is the common thread that joins us all, its unifying power dissolving barriers, healing divides, bridging differences, and uniting all.

The Global Love Project is an international platform dedicated to humanitarian love founded by Aine Belton to encourage a more united and compassionate world, with numerous facets, resources, initiatives, and inspiration.

The homepage serves as a map for the various elements of the Global Love Project, our individual site pages offering more detail.  Our new site design is recently live, more info and pages coming shortly!




“None of the perspectives we present are intended as absolutes, so please only accept those which feel right and true for you.”