Love is the common thread that joins us all, its unifying power dissolving barriers, healing divides, bridging differences, and uniting all.

Love lies at the heart of who we are, and a separation from it at the root of our troubles and pain.

The Global Love Project was founded by Aine Belton as an international platform dedicated to humanitarian love to encourage a more united and compassionate world, with numerous facets, resources, initiatives, and inspiration.

Global Love is a non-religious platform holding spiritual perspectives open to all paths and faiths. Please replace any spiritual terminology or references with those that are meaningful to you. As always, only accept that which resonates and feels true for you personally.

The homepage serves as a map for the various elements of the Global Love Project, our individual site pages offering more detail.

Global Shifts

Rather like a centrifugation process where denser ‘stuff ‘is brought to the surface, that which doesn’t serve has been coming up for healing and transformation within our world and humanity. Before new paths, new ways of being and doing, new systems, and future visions and can be grounded and implemented, old structres may need to crumble and clear – mentally, emotionally, physically, societally.

There have been global crises. There has been great suffering.

There has also been great light, love, innovation and transformation, beautiful awakenings, heart-openings and expansions in consciousness.

Let’s be the change and the love we want to see in the world. Let’s hold our beacons of vision, belief, truth, hope and imagining high. Let’s make the choices we know to be aligned to love. Let’s seek and offer the compassion, the understanding, the forgiveness as best we can, as we journey into the new… a new world, a new era, at which we are very much at the beginning, but none-the-less, that dawn is upon us.

Let’s be the bridges, the lighthouses, the map-makers, and way-showers, for ourselves in our own lives, and those we share our path with… by keeping our hearts open, by listening to and acting upon the voice of love within, by taking those steps within and without we believe to be true and aligned to our calling, by honouring our passions, our principles, our preferences, our joys.

Thank you for sharing this journeying with us.


“None of the perspectives we present are intended as absolutes, so please only accept those which feel right and true for you.”