Dalai Lama film “Road To Peace”

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  • brenda:

    I have admired the dali lama and hoped for a better end to his country for many years. I visited Nepal to hope to go on to Tipet but I wasn’t allowed to go at that time. Americans had been making films in Tipet and sending them to the world. I can only hope the Tipetian people can worship peacefully in the future but I know China will never give the country back. My prayers are with you all.

  • Hello , your holliness, please accept my tnanks.

  • Ian de Montfort:


    If people think life is terrible for Tibetans now under Chinese rule then learn what it was like for them under the rule of the Lamas. In reality it was much worst than it is now. If you fear truth then continue in ignorance. Do your research, learn and above all question everything and everyone. Stop towing the line that the propaganda gurus in our dying west want you to believe. I do not admire the Dalai Lama, why should I? I respect only right action towards one another. I do not need any Lama regardless of who he is to teach me anything. Everything I need is within me, as it is with all of you. Each one of us is holy, so see it for what it truly is. Stop following and admiring. Until then you will only be led down the proverbial garden path. Love and Light.

  • eveline:

    thank you so much for remembering me ,us, that we are all together and thank you for your kindness eva

  • thank you verymuch for remembering me that we are all together in the nature and thank so much for your kindness.

  • Celia:

    The message of peace through dialogue is a simple, yet profound truth. It is true that each one of us has the capacity to come to the realization of God’s truth on our own. To listen to the Dalai Lama does not necessarily mean we are simply a follower…but instead…that we look upon him as an active partner at the forefront of a mission that needs to be accomplished for the benefit of all.

  • marlene:

    I am learning>>>> i want to learn more about true living!

  • Thank you for your message – may many more people find it and take heed.

  • The Dalai Lama is a unique individual and we should be listening to his messages. The Talibhan espouse doctrines that are unworthy of human beings. It is almost impossible to love such people, yet we are told to do it. Will they one day “see the light”. What warped thinking and training could produce such a scourge of the world?

  • Carol Spain-Falk:

    After watching this great movie about the Dalai Lama, I feel as though my preacher in Hockley, Texas believes very much like the great Dalai Lama. May God bless them both and protect them. Thank you Aine for making this available to so many.

  • Jen:

    Beauutiful movie! This is one for everyone. Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations Leon on such a wonderful documentary. May it continue to get out there. I nearly didn’t see these comment boxes so perhaps many others didn’t either.

    Blessings, Jen

  • SAHAJ:

    Tibet is a pearl of Asia , totally ruined by China. China force people not to be religious but to be communist.My whole heartily support to all Tibetans presently living in Tibet and world over and also to H.H. DALAI LAMA.
    I appreciate the film and lots of thanks to movie maker and his team.
    I am sure, I repeat I am sure that CHINA WILL COLLAPSE IN LESS THEN 50 YEARS FROM NOW.

    SAHAJ 0091 93 74 58 49 57

  • Michael:

    Thank you for this! What a great movie! Really leaves you with a lovely energy. Very elevating and one to be shared. Well done on what is a beautiful seamless piece of work!



  • Simmone:

    I watched this yesterday, just sending the link on to someone else. BEAUTIFUL! Thank for putting it together and all the heart and care that went into it, and thank you Global Love Project for screening it so it could reach me and my friends.

    One love,


  • Eveline Porter:

    Thank you to GLOBAL LOVE and to HH The DALAÏ LAMA who give us a real wake-up call !
    This is the last chance we have to save our beloved mother Earth and to honor our earthly responsability of human beings. We need to start being more spiritual and living in a more respectful manner to manifest what everyone wishes.
    Love, Happiness, Joy, Abundance, Foregiveness, Spiritual expansion. Why are we such hypocrites that we cannot see with our eyes and feel with our heart!
    PEACE-LOVING-BLESSING-GRACE for your and for all.
    A small particule in the Universe

  • Surprisingly I believe thoughts of the film are much more stronger than bullets to cure the whole world and essentially essential to enlighten each and every single person.Invasion is a weired crime and must be stopped to tapping in to humanity.

  • Jay:

    Absolutely wonderful!

    Loved this. It wasn’t so much about the words but the energy for me. It was so effortless and heartening to watch.

    Thank you everyone!

    Love Jay

  • Jamie:

    Thank you! I loved this! Beautiful and heartwarming to watch.

    Another great piece of loving inspiration!

    Much thanks!


  • Caín Márquez:

    Great message very inspirational with so much knowledge to learn, an example of devotion, discipline and spontanious being, from a fantastic thoughtful culture. Please Aine, accept my gratitud and thanks for such a beautiful link.

  • Sarah:

    Thank you for sharing this Aine! Everything that comes via you and the Global Love Project is always so heartening. This is wonderful!

  • Bonita Barcelona:

    I like it. I want to do something to help. tell me how. Thanks.

  • Barbara Myriel:

    Thank you! I loved this! Beautiful and heartwarming to watch.
    Great Message !

    Freedom, Love and Peace on Earh for each being

  • Jack wilson:

    Loved this, thanks for the opportunity. So beautifully made, wow. I felt wonderful after watching it.

    Much gratitude,


  • mark:

    China is a racist Country. they are killing Tibetans; we also can see what they want to do in Africa…

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