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Love lies at the heart of who we are, and separation from it at the root of our troubles and pain.

Self-love is the ultimate healer and transformer, and a magical magnet that attracts that which is in your highest. It will shift you and your reality in elegant and profound ways.

The more you love yourself, the more love you will allow in love from any other source, including Source itself!

As well as psychological and spiritual perspectives on loving yourself, you’ll also discover numerous practical steps, tips, exercises and techniques.

The Amazing Powers of Gratitude

This ebook explores the many gifts of gratitude, as  a heart-opening stepping stone to love, for raising your energy, transforming problems, and accelerating positive manifestation.

It includes 3 powerful exercises to engage gratitude in your daily life, as well as scientific research findings that have linked gratitude to greater happiness and goal achievement.

The Magic of Receiving

Receiving is integral to allowing and experiencing not only more love in your life, but more joy, more abundance, more dreams-come-true and your brightest destiny.

It is a powerful and elegant way to manifest & effortlessly attract your heart’s wishes and desires.

Discover the 7 blocks and 7 allies to receiving and consciously engage it for opening to more of all that is in your highest in all areas of your life!

The Ladder of Love: 5 Steps To More Love In Your Life!

The Ladder of Love is a simple step-by-step process to open to more love in your life.

Wherever you’re at, however far from or separate you may feel from love, this process will help to you to open to it and allow it to fill and bless you and your life.

With emotional states there can be gaps in resonance. Opening to love may involve gear changes, which is what the Ladder of Love takes into account, offering a realistic supportive process that works.

In climbing the ‘ladder’ you will shift your consciousness, open your heart, and transform any challenge, situation or problem into more love in your life.

10 Road-Blocks to Self Love

Love is always there, including the unconditional self-love that exists within you. Self-love can be very much a process of letting go of what’s in the way of you experiencing that love.

Discover and disarm the 10 blocks & ‘ego traps’ that keep you from experiencing the boundless reservoir of love within you, your innate lovability, and the love you have for yourself (as well as others and the world).

An invaluable guide for letting go of what stands in the way of love.