Global Heart Circle

Live From Mount Shasta


This online event is to create the space for love. You can join in wherever you are in the world. A recording will be available if you miss the live time.

This Live Event Is Now Over.

You can receive an MP3 recording below.

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The Experience:

Andrew Oser will be joining us live to offer a Mount Shasta Love Meditation. Andrew will be at the base of the sacred mountain, whose energies he carries so deeply having lived and led retreats there for many years. Through his connection with Mount Shasta he will help participants to come into resonance with the mountain’s frequency of pure love. Together, Andrew and Aine will guide a journey of deeply coming home to the love that you are. You can find out more about Andrew Oser at his website and bio summary below.

Mt Shasta Mountain Siskyou Lake Bridge California Recreation Lan

About Mount Shasta:

Mount Shasta is a 14,000 foot mirror that reflects and amplifies the love in each of our hearts. Pilgrims come from all over the world to receive the blessings offered by this sacred mountain. Everyone feels the love and experiences it within the context of their own spiritual path, leaving feeling deeply renewed and reconnected with the One Source.

Let love embrace, imbue, nourish, heal, transform and renew