For greater love of your body, the earth, harmony between the two, and harm to none, Global Love Food is offering free resources and lip-licking recipes to help raise awareness of optimum eating and delicious nutritious food.

Our conscious eating posts open you to the wonders of natural eating and healthy high-vibe food in ways that can be easily incorporated into any diet.

Get ready for re-vitalizing your energy and blessing your WHOLE self, body, heart and mind too!

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Beetroot Hummus

By Sanne of The Little Cherry Tree Only the colour of beetroot already makes me want to cook with them. I think of salad with roasted beetroot and goat cheese, juice, food colouring, beetroot [...]

Quick & Easy Turmeric Shots

Turmeric is pretty freaking cool. It has been claimed to be the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory food we have found. Some people take ibuprofen and others eat turmeric. This beautiful root [...]

Hemp Seeds

[* You can purchase raw hulled hemp seeds from health food stores for immediate use]. Many people associate hemp with its botanical cousin the marijuana plant. Hemp does not have significant [...]

Matcha Bliss Balls!

By Sanne of The Little Cherry Tree Bliss balls are a true treat for me and fit really well in a lifestyle with intense sports like ashtanga yoga. So yes, I am addicted! This time I wanted to try [...]

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Green smoothie with heart of seeds


Herbal Medicine. herbs and flowers in basket. Top view, horizont



is good not only for you, but for the environment, farmers, and local economy

  • High plant-based diets enhance physical, mental, emotional and energetic well-being. They bring pure life-force energy into your body. Countless studies now show how plant food diets deter illness and improve blood sugar control, weight management,  cardiovascular health, while reducing cancer risks, diabetes, food addictions, among many other benefits.
  • Eating organically is good for maintaining healthy ecosystems and protects the Earth, farmers, their children, and the local community from dangerous chemicals.
  • Eating locally is more sustainable; besides being fresher and more energy and vitamin-rich, it supports local farmers and the local economy.
  • Reducing intake of animal food not only stops suffering to animals but reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Eating seasonally can help to keep us harmonized with nature like traditional societies have practiced for thousands of years.

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